Street Style With Dusky Diva Bhanu

Street Style Pune With Bhanu Vagolu

Very rarely do you come across people who are a bundle of warmth, pure hearted curiosity and completely genuine, Bhanu is one of those rare beautiful people I had the pleasure of meeting. She comes across as a simple soul who radiates this infectious kind joy from every cell of her being, just the kind of person you want to be around when you need to inject a dose of creativity and happiness in your own life.

Thank you Bhanu, such a pleasure meeting you..

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

Who is Bhanu? Tell us a little about her.

Ummmnn ,  I often ask myself the same question too..
I feel a little uncertain because I feel like I am constantly changing and evolving as an individual, never the same as yesterday
An architect by profession, a creator at heart and a lazy dreamer.
A simple girl whose dream is to run a small firm sometime in near future and keep building cute houses , schools and hangouts spaces for people to create memories .

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is something I love, it is like ART to me.
I Express myself through my clothes which become a visual language through which communicate and express my many moods.
So I am always trying new trends and new combinations, although I am extremely particular about the colours I choose and what I pair them with.

Even as a child, dressing up has always been a passion, I was always conscious of what i wore even as a kid. I even select seemingly trivial things like pajamas, socks or hair clips like my life depended on it.

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

Things that make you SING ‘n’ DANCE .

1. When I learn something new
2. When I am in the company of handsome and witty men.
3. When I am in the company of cute babies and adorable kids.
4. And mainly , When I get some ME time , I am always singing and dancing…

Things dont make me happy, experiences and memorable moments give me immense pleasure.

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

Beauty Secrets that you have inherited for your mom.

OH! the funny part is , when growing up, I never listened to her. I used to hate applying anything on my face, hair or body.
I was a beauty rebel..but now I value them much more.

Here are a few things she tried on me:
Aloe Vera – She introduced me to the magical plant, which can be used for almost every problem – to remove sun tan, to kill that pimple overnight or even as a hair mask.

Coconut oil – drench your hair in a coconut oil mask and indulge in an hour long champ whenever you get a chance.

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

Juices and water : keep your body hydrated, it really helps to keep your skin glowing, naturally.

Never throw the skin of the fruits / veggies you are peeling . you can just massage those on your face and skin for 5 mins and wash your face. Try it and thank me later!!!

My Beautiful mommy always said “eat whatever you want without worrying about weight , but then exercise!”.
Her commitment to her walks and health is an inspiration.

Before I end, I just want to add that beauty is just a visual perception, which lies in the eyes of the beholder. If there is love, kindness, beauty and positivity in your heart it will reflect outside too.

Street style Mumbai Pune Bhanu Vagolu

Which cities have you lived in and which is the one you love the most? 

I have lived in Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad , Mumbai and now Pune.

Out of all the cities , Pune tops the list because I am who I am because of this city !! Its my favourite and second home. Pune has taught me how to live alone and be strong. I also love the Puneri culture, food, people, weather, its small and cozy size and its beautiful surroundings.

Second on the list would definitely be MUMBAI, meri jaan. It was my home for 9 yrs and I grew up there and tackled challenging changes in my life, I made friends and soulmates for life.

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