Statement Indian Accessories

I have spent most of my weekend thinking of ways to try and overcome a writers block, what has the result been? Not good. The block has become bigger and bolder than before and nothing seems to me working. I tried reading to feel inspired to write, the latest issue of Vogue with Rani on the cover left me wondering why gorgeous women need to be photoshopped to an extent that they are beyond recognition, clearly no inspiration. I moved on to blogs, breathtaking pictures, leggy ladies, the prettiest clothes, I felt inspired to shop some more (even after this huge online shopping haul) but no inspiration to write.

Statement Indian Accessories

I tried youtube, pinterest and all the prettiest nooks and crannies of the digital world, it only left me utterly dissatisfied with my disorganised and less than picture perfect day. I finally decided to open a blank document and just get typing, my mind turned to jelly which seemed to be melting away fast, so finally the fingers started moving and here we are…

Statement Indian Accessories

Do you experience blocks in life? a writers block, cooks block, mommy block, workout block? you know you need to get something done but every part of your being revolts and refuses to get moving, what do you do then? How do you get moving again? Tell me everything in the comments below, I need to know!

Statement Indian Accessories

Leaving you with a few pictures from the weekend, these are zero makeup pictures, so please be kind :) We were just playing with accessories and thought why not take some pictures too. What did you do this weekend?

All Jewellery & Bag : Maharani Baug

Dress : Jabong Sale


  • Deepa says:

    Yes, I do experience this block. I feel it more at work nowadays where I just cannot work. Feel guilty of not being at my best but trying to win over my mind and it playing tricks on me.

    BTW, I love the no makeup look. I think in today’s demanding era we expect a layer of makeup to look more presentable. I also in between got hooked to buying and using some of these things to look presentable. But then the urge came to not rely on cosmetics to look my best. Of course, I do not mean one should not use them but there should be no guilt in not using it and there should not be a feeling that I cannot look my best without it.
    You look good with or without makeup :-). So no need for apologies.

    • Deepa our mind is soo soo powerful but its mostly up to so much mischief..if only I could get it to focus on more constructive things.
      As for makeup, I feel so damn lazy to put it on and then take it off….I wish i never had to put makeup aim is flawless skin that needs no makeup..hopefully Ill get to it sometime soon.
      So much love to you Deepa

  • Shatakshi says:

    Love how you have teamed cutout boots and basic knit dress with all these Indian accessories. I checked the Maharani Baug collection and must say loved it! Will shop from it soon. :)

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