Sale Shopping Haul : Max Fashion, Zara, F21

Sale Shopping Haul 2015

We all love to shop, to acquire and enjoy new things, new experiences and new pleasures of life. We might enjoy shopping for different things, cars for some, clothes for others, machines or even food, but we all shop to derive joy and happiness. If you are reading this and thinking, ” I don’t enjoy shopping”, think again, it does not have to be at the mall, shopping just symbolises the little things that bring happiness on a daily basis.

I have always loved shopping, looking at new, beautiful things, dreaming of them until I can get my hands on them. As a kid I would follow my mom around the markets of the cities we would visit, exploring the little lanes and admiring the subtle details that add so much beauty. Even now there is nothing I enjoy more than getting lost in the markets of the places that I visit, its the nerve centre of every city, filled with energy and beauty.

Sale Shopping Haul India (Pune Phoenix Mall)


Along the way, somewhere, I attached a little fear with shopping, I am happy that I have a bag full of wonderful things, but that act of passing the credit card over the counter beings a tiny wave of fear, anxiety and nerves with it. Now I am not a crazy shopper, I do not go around haplessly swiping my credit card and I do not live beyond my means, but inspite of all that there is a little guilt riding that wave of shopping joy.

A little introspection made me realise that my relationship with money is riddled with a bit of fear and I know I need to change that, the question is, do you need to change it too? Ask yourself this, “what am I thinking as I pass the cash or the credit card over the counter, am I filled with gratitude or guilt?”

The key to enjoying the joy of shopping is setting a budget, creating limits and then making sure that you do not let fear get the better of you, feel pure joy, happiness and immense gratitude to be able to buy yourself something that you love. Each time you pass that credit card, say thank you and feel joy for being able to pass that money on to someone else while you acquire something you will enjoy.

I am working on this too, it certainly isn’t easy to say thank you for all the bills that come in the mail everyday, but I am trying to feel more gratitude and less fear…

Sale Shopping At The Mall 2015

So this sale season, I set my limits and headed to the mall for a fun day of shopping and here are 2 videos about my offline (mall) sale shopping haul. There are two videos because in one I tell you about my shopping experience and show you the stuff I got, while in the other I try on some of those things, style them and dance around in them.

Do watch both and tell me what you loved.

Also, tell me, what goes through your mind while you pass that credit card over the counter, I will be waiting to hear :)

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