Online Sale Shopping Haul : Myntra, Jabong, Koovs, Vajor

If my sale shopping trip to the mall was disappointing and left me craving for more, my online sale shopping experience was just the extreme opposite, it left me spoilt for choice and tested my ability to resist temptation. The online portals, unlike the malls, take their sales very seriously, the sales actually feel like sales with steep discounts and major price cuts on virtually the entire portal and not a small section of leftovers from three seasons ago.

I primarily shop on 4 Indian shopping portals for my obsession with dresses, this sale season too the portals did not disappoint and I got more dresses than I needed, but the prices were so good that I had to give in to the temptation.

The myntra sale

I think myntra knows how to throw the best sales ever!! I have enjoyed shopping the myntra sale on a number of prior occasions but since they went the app only route I stopped for 2 reasons, 1. my phone was having trouble downloading the app and 2. I am used to shopping on my desktop and the thought of using an app to shop seemed a little too hi tech and daunting to me. So I tried to forget about myntra, but they were so relentless, they kept trying to lure me with the craziest offers and crazy deals and pretty dresses, until finally I gave in and downloaded the myntra app.

Used it to shop the sale and OMG!! so much fun and so damn easy, I don’t know why I resisted for so long. I got a ton of fun dresses from myntra, watch the video to see it all.

The Jabong Sale

Pretty good as well, but the discounts were not as big and the shipping time seemed longer (or maybe I was just too impatient!) Got a lovely dress and a fun draped throw over from the sale. Watch the video :)

The Koovs sale

Koovs made me wait so damn long that I almost thought that they would never start their sale. Koovs was the very last sale to start and the wait was excruciatingly painful, I don’t know how many times I visited the site hoping that today would be the day. When the sale did start I got just one lovely black maxi dress, but a few weeks later, koovs slashed their prices further and added a lot of new stuff to the sale, that is when I went just a little crazy and got myself a few pretty things (everything was in the Rs400 to 500, price range)

The Vajor sale

The best quality stuff I can find in the online Indian market. The fit of the dresses, the fabric and the styles, I love their dresses, very fun with a slight hint of classic and a little Indian. Got 2 dresses at fantastic discounts and the white sequin one is my latest obsession.

Ok, enough talk, lets get to the good stuff, below are 2 videos for you to enjoy, in the haul video I show you all my purchases while in the haul book video, I try on some of those things. I hope you enjoy watching.

Let me know what your favourites are and tell me which sales you go crazy at :)


  • Meg says:

    Hi there!
    Love the Vajor stuff. But more than that, I love the kurta or maxi dress you are wearing. Where is it from? There’s another paisley maxi dress that you wore for the sabyasaachi and 5 other designers video, where you shopped your own closet. I loved that one two?

    Can you share where you got them? I don’ t live in India, so would love to visit those shops whenever I visit next.


    • Hi Megan
      Thank you so much for stopping by and watching the video…so glad you liked the dress :) that dress used to be my moms saree, i designed a maxi dress, begged my mom for the saree and ate my tailors head, till he understood just what I needed…the result is the dress you see. It was the same dress that I was wearing in the Lakme Fashion Week video too :)
      When you visit India come to Pune, we can go shopping together or sit with my tailor and eat his head together..
      I can tell that you have my kind os style sensibility which is why I would highly recommend my sisters store…you will enjoy browsing through it – @maharanibaug on insta and FB..she even has an easy store..

  • Shatakshi says:

    I liked the three layered looks (Jabong and Koovs). :)
    I am glad at least you had a pleasant experience with Vajor, unlike me. The fittings were bad and the customer service was equally slow.

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