How To Wear : Print On Print

The Print On Print Fashion Trend

I have always been in love with the print on print fashion phenomenon, it is such a bold and adventurous way to make a statement and get heads to turn, again and again, till the person trips on something and falls, making a complete fool of himself and a complete start of you, ahh perfect moments like those.


Print on print is the easiest and surest way to create those perfect moments, to stand out amidst a crowd of well heeled and well dressed ladies. Having said that, let me also say that up until now it is a fashion trend I have admired from afar, being too scared to even dip my toes and think about trying it, forget about actually diving in and try it all out.

Lately though I have become a little surer of my choices and hence taking a few calculated risks has become easier. If you like me have been thinking of trying print on print, but haven’t had the courage to do so yet, here are a few tips that could help you.


Tricks To Prefect The Print On Print Trend

1. Forget the prints remember the colours

Pick your first printed piece and then forget all about the print and the pattern, instead focus on the colours of the piece.      Now pick the second piece, do not try and match the prints instead pick something that follows the same colour scheme. Pick a dominant colour and make sure that is the colour that ties the pieces together.



2. Anchor It

If the prints seem too overwhelming and all consuming, try using a neutral coloured piece to anchor the look and bring it all together. A neutral jacket or nude accreeonies could all do the job very efficiently.

How to wear : print on print

3. Safety of stripes

Stripes are considered the solid/ neutral of the print family, so whenever in doubt and still wanting to go the print on print route, pick a striped piece.


4. Start small

Still not sure about going all print, take baby steps and warm up to the trend. Pick tiny prints that are not too in your face, paisleys, polkadots, stripes, or tiny florals all do the job without being too loud.

At the end of the day life is about taking risks, you get it right sometimes and wrong at others, thats how we learn thats how we grow and evolve, so take a risk and try something new today!

Don’t forget to tell me all about it :)


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