Westside’s Studiowest Makeup Haul & Review

Westside Studiowest Haul & Review

I am not one to visit malls often, strolling down the local markets and finding some surprisingly unexpected, lust worthy, handmade goodies, appeals much more to me. However, I do reserve one day to visit the mall and I usually schedule my mall day to coincide with the start of the sale season.

This time was no different, I visited the mall early this month looking for some pretty purchases at bargain prices. My sale haul will be up soon, however I have to warn you, it is the tiniest sale haul I have ever done, partly because I have grown a little wiser and partly because I found nothing pretty enough or the slashed prices did not seem tempting enough.

 STUDIOWEST makeup review

While scanning the aisles of Westside, looking for my sale finds, just when I was starting to feel tremendously disappointed (because I found NOTHING), I came across a wall full of  shelves of pretty colours and a girl with a warm inviting smile. I was told that Westside had just launched a new line of MAKEUP, yes you heard me right, a MAKEUP line by Westside, called STUDIOWEST.

 I had not headed out looking for makeup (that’s why I need to make a list) and NOo, I did not need more lipsticks or any makeup at all. But, those pretty colours and beautiful promises, I could not just walk away, so I gave in..I bought myself some STUDIOWEST makeup.

This video is a first impression and review of the STUDIOWEST makeup products I purchased.

Lipsticks (Rs 295 ) : Hint of brick

                                   Pink Passion

Eyeliners :               Black (Rs 195)

                                  Emerald (Rs 295)

Nailpaint (Rs145) : Cotton Candy

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