An Old Friendship..A New Dream..

So often I look at people and their lives from afar and wish to get to know them better, but when that actually happens I am left with disappointment and despair. On the other hand, destiny sometimes puts the most unexpected people in my path, people who would otherwise have no business being there, and those very strangers become an integral part of my life. That is how we met, Shruti and I, at an event I would have written off as a complete waste of time, but for the fact that I met Shruti there.

(Who is Shruti Kothari Tomar?)

Styling Tribal Indian Jewellery from Maharani Baug

We hit it off the moment we met and the friendship has just blossomed since. With the many common interests we share – fashion, lifestyle, writing, photography, styling, Pune and the Army, spending time together is always a pleasure and it does seem to fly.

Styling Tribal Indian Jewellery from Maharani Baug

We have been planning a collaborative shoot since forever, but something always seemed to come in the way, time crunches, missing photographers, logistics, weather and so many other trivialities of daily life, this time around too, the rains threatened to drench our plans and dampen our spirit, but we persevered.

Styling Tribal Indian Jewellery from Maharani Baug

I am ecstatic that we finally managed to capture this special friendship in pictures, what makes it even special is the fact that this shoot marks the start of a new dream and a new venture Maharani Baug.

Styling Tribal Indian Jewellery from Maharani Baug

Maharani Baug stands for everything my sister Aditi and I love, everything stylish, fun, elegant with a hint of old world charm.

This shoot was special and fun for so many reasons, it brought together people I adore and can’t have enough of, for once we were shooting our own products and loving every bit of the process, the weather was perfect, the wind in our hair and grey skies that occasionally allowed the sun to stream through and take a peek. We giggled, posed and danced surrounded by lush greenery and curious onlookers (namely, cows and dogs)

Styling Tribal Indian Jewellery from Maharani Baug

For those of you who asked, Maharani Baug is my sister, Aditi’s baby, it has all my support and love, I do hope you will spare a few moments to show her some love too.

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