Sabyasachi+ Louboutin, Designers Or Businessmen??

Sabyasachi and Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

I skipped my morning workout today, to keep up with my social media feed, which needless to say, was brimming with sequin and drama in signature Sabyasachi style. The much awaited collaboration between two legendary designers, Sabyasachi and Christian Louboutin opened the doors to the glitzy world we fondly refer to as the Amazon India Couture Week.

The clothes, more like pieces of art, carefully put together with love, care and immense amount of thought were a vision of perfection, with glittery sequin carefully peeking out from amongst a sea of matte ones, creating an intense play between texture, drama and light. The colours earthy and intense- red, black, gold and muted hints of pink and green, delicate thread work, a vintage appeal and a pleasure for all the senses.

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

The cynics would say “same old same old” and I couldn’t agree more, similar silhouettes, the same colour palette, even the set had a ‘been there’ kind of feel, the hair and makeup also radiate a hint of familiarity, show after show. But who cares right? The buyers don’t and Sabyasachi knows that, so the cynics can continue to boohoo his collections while he continues to make multiple runs to the bank with vintage embroidered, sequin studded suitcases loaded with moolah.

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

We all know Sabyasachi is a creative genius, no doubt about that, but lets all take a moment to salute the shrewd, astute businessman in him, that has created such a massive brand out of himself that absolutely anything he touches turns to gold. So he figured out early on the secret formula that makes Indian women go weak in the knees, he knew that in India there is no festival bigger than the Indian wedding – once her figured his niche, he stuck to it. The same colours and styles and all of that but we still love it all right? So why try and reinvent a wheel that is already spinning to perfection?

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

His objective is not to silence and stun the critics with each collection, the objective is to keep brides lining up outside the Sabyasachi stores, the idea is to have every little girl start saving her pocket money from age 5yrs so she can buy her Sabyasachi by the time her wedding day draws near – mission accomplished, I say.

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

Now that the brides are all in his kitty, its now time to focus on the groom, clever clever Mr. Sabyasachi. So you remember the last collection had psychedelic floral print suits and bandhgalas, 70′s style, for the men? I never saw those beyond the runway, not in the movies, not in magazines, not even on Ranveer Singh (who I thought was the only guy who could carry those floral prints). So this time around, Sabyasachi stuck to what he knows best..a mens collection in signature Sabyasachi style. And what happens? We fall in love all over again, with the same old Sabyasachi tones and textures and trusted styles. So now Sabyasabhi is not just on every brides must have list but also on the grooms must have list. Smart huh!! Genius I say.

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

Very soon Sabyasachi will be doing everything even remotely connected to Inidan weddings, the invites, the decor, the food, the flowers, the favours, ohh and think a Sabyasachi wedding photo shoot with vintage elements, themes, hair and makeup. A complete Sabyasachi breath taking wedding, because he is not just creative but also business genius!

Sabyasachi and Louboutin

And then collaborating with Louboutin, such a smart move, both creative minds but more importantly both brilliant business men. Think about it, to be able to sell high heels, that hurt like hell, that pinch and poke and can take the joy out of the most joyous moments, requires serious branding brilliance. Louboutin does not just sell them, he can pretty much get women to murder in-order to be able to slip their feet into his crystal studded bonded cages. Genius!!

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

With the Sabyasachi name attached to these shoes, now every Indian bride must have one for her wedding day, I don’t know how comfortable they would be, but then again, who cares, right? The shoes for the men looked stunning, in my lay opinion, and with the Louboutin heel missing I am sure they cannot be half as uncomfortable. The details on the mens shoes just took my breath away, a metallic base with the bugs and the baroque detailing, made them look, regal, classic and effortlessly elegant, a definite must have for the groom on his wedding day…hmmm shoes for grooms, another gap in the Indian wedding market plugged by Mr Sabyasachi. How clever!

Sabyasachi+ Louboutin Open #AICW 2015

I have always looked at Sabyasachi’s clothes, lets call it art, with lust and longing, but the more I try and pay careful attention to his brilliant strategies, the more I get enthralled by his business acumen and clarity.

Sabyasachi the designer or Sabyasachi the businessman, whose side are you on?

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