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Maternity and Portrait Photography With Sheetal Petkar, Pune

A picture has this ability to transcend barriers of language, distances and walls built around hearts. It can do what a thousand words cannot, it can evoke emotions, stir up belief systems, refresh a memory and conjure a reaction.

I am more of a visual person and often inspiration comes into my life by way of what I see – pretty faces with big warm smiles, leaves balancing a giant raindrop on them, inviting homes drenched in colours, a spring in the step that comes from a brand new pair of shoes.

Maternity and wedding photography pune


Clearly pictures are very special for me and people who can trap the beauty of a fleeting moment and capture it for eternity are even more special. Which is why meeting Sheetal – a very talented portrait photographer based out of Pune was very invigorating for me.

Maternity and wedding photography pune

Portrait Photography Pune : Sheetal Petkar

We met at her quaint, quiet studio tucked away in one of the most beautiful lanes of the city, lined by trees and solitude, it seemed like the perfect place for a dream to unfold. The studio itself is warm and inviting, just like Sheetal, walls in different colours to compliment different people, personalities and looks, the wall covered with flowers from floor to ceiling was my favourite.

A short flight of stairs take you to the surprise lower level of the studio – this is where the magic happens. This is where everyday women get transformed into glamorous divas, with hair, makeup and wardrobe styling done here.

Maternity and wedding photography pune

Sheetal photographs couples, glowing, to be mommies, blushing brides, high on love couples , pre wedding shoots, engagement shoots and much more, however photographing solo women remains her pet passion.

Maternity and wedding photography pune

“I really enjoy giving women a makeover and then photographing them, they feel like stars for the day and the pictures are a constant reminder of their innate beauty”, says Sheetal.

The makeover pictures speak volumes for themselves. If you have ever looked at magazine covers and wanted the same experience for yourself, this is your chance, book a pampering day with Sheetal and you are sure to cherish the memory for eternity.

Maternity and wedding photography pune

“ Clients are always surprised with the end results. The makeover experiences changes them, they leave the studio more confident, happier and with dreams in their eyes. This transformation is what I cherish the most”, concludes Sheetal.

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