Protima Tiwary : The Foodie With A Bikini Body

Street Style Pune With Protima Tiwary

Her instagram feed is filled with gorgeous pictures of heavenly food – crispy fried bacon, cheescakes, indulgent ice creams and more devious delights, it is every foodies heaven and every dieters nightmare. But she is a food blogger, so you expect that from her right? Right, but what you don’t expect is the perfectly chiselled bikini body that she flaunts in a picture right next to that sinful biryani she claims to have just eaten. She left me baffled with so many questions, “where did that biryani go?”, “why is life so unfair?”, “What is the secret that allows her to have that envious food while still maintaining those washboard abs?”.

It was evident that I needed to meet Protima Tiwary, I was on a mission now and Protima was kind enough to agree to meet over lunch…

Protima is young, gorgeous, driven, organised, a social media maverick, a genuine and honest blogger, an infectious source of energy and excitement and so so much fun to be with.

Street Style Pune Mumbai With Protima Tiwary

In Conversation With Pune Food Blogger Protima Tiwary

Who is Protima Tiwary

A content writer and blogger (Dumbells And Drama).

A pakka Punekar at heart (been 15 years here).

 If there’s one word that means a lot to me, it’d be passion.

I’ll baffle you with my limited knowledge on gadgets & good movies. I could charm anyone with my gyaan on digital marketing, desserts and biology.

I am mildly obsessive about to-do lists, watches, ShahRukh Khan and cupcakes.

 Favourite places to eat in Pune
There are a bunch of them! But being a breakfast person, I tend to have a soft spot for any place that serves breakfast. Where Else Cafe in Viman Nagar is a new favorite, and Aufside,a sports bar looks extremely promising (You have GOT to try the pork chops) Other than that, Fat Cat’s Cafe is where I’d go looking for “comfort food”
Street Style Pune Mumbai With Protima Tiwary
 Favourite kind of sweat session…
I enjoy swimming. On a day when I have nowhere to be, I can easily do 2000mts to get started. HIITs at home are convenient when I am running short on time. And when I am too bored to “exercise”, I run :D
Fashion to me is….
Ah. Meet me on a regular day and you will see how this question does not apply to me. I can be quite confident being a hobo most of the times, but when I do step out of the house, I’m either dressed up in tight dresses, or ripped jeans. So I guess fashion to me means expressing my mood. Oh also,  I hate skirts and heels.
Street Style Pune Mumbai With Protima Tiwary
These are a few of my favourite things..
LIPSTICKS! I can never leave the house without any lipstick on. Other than that, a kohl stick is found on me at all times. I love a lot of sweet smelling things, so in the context of fashion here I’d say the strawberry & blueberry range at Body Shop, and Victoria Secrets perfumes. AND! My Tissot watch. It’s my baby. I keep it guarded in a cupboard in a comfortable little box with velvet cushions and all that.
3 reasons why you love blogging
I can’t really point out 3 reasons, but I know what gets me excited about it. It’s the fact that one can reach out to so many people, and share an experience with them in a personal manner. Right now I get a high because I realized people LIKED what I had to share. So I absolutely must take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s supported me :)
Street Style Pune Mumbai With Protima Tiwary
The kind of people you cannot stand
Ah. The list is endless :D Let me bring this one down to 3:
- People who don’t show any form of appreciation. The power of a simple “thank you” is underestimated. We throw around “thank yous” and “i loves yous” too casually, and too much :/
- People who are scared to work hard (be it working 15 hours everyday, or following an exercise regime) Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
- People who are too cynical for their own good. No one needs that sort of negativity in their lives.
Touche to that Protima, could not agree more….


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