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Tribal Indian Jewellery

I must have been a tribal woman in a past lifetime, I say it with the utmost conviction because though I am an urban woman living in a concrete jungle, surrounded by malls, technology, high street fashion and high speed everything, I find myself swelling with lust and admiration when I see a tribal woman walk by – those full skirts in bright bold colours that rhythmically sway with every step, those brazen beautiful cholis engulfed by mirrors and the jewellery that sings and jingles, adding melody, to every move.

These women are just like you and me, they build a family, a home on their shoulders, they work hard to earn their bread and then go home and bake it too, they toil all day, mostly at dirt and soot filled construction sites, but they never forget to look good, to feel good, they never forget their style –their fashion, their accessories, their jewellery.

Indian saree sari and tribal jewellery

The jewellery, ahhh!! Lets talk about the jewellery, made out of inexpensive crude metal, which is beaten, molded, strung together and turned into breath taking pieces of statement jewellery. These pieces have a rustic, earthy charm that I succumb to each and every time. If ever I was made to choose between a piece of vintage tribal jewellery and a modern polished, shiny, divine diamond one I would be guilty of committing the heinous crime of choosing the dull piece of tribal heritage.

Indian saree sari and tribal jewellery

Over the years I have added a few beautiful pieces to my collection, but this one is special for a few reasons. It was around my birthday, last year, when this necklace first appeared in my life, it was love and lust at first sight, it was an obsessive, haunting kind of love that you know is wrong but just feels so right.

Indian saree sari and tribal jewellery

However, having already gone far beyond my birthday budget, I convinced myself that ‘letting go’ was the wiser thing to do. My mind stayed sensible and logical while my heart pined for my true love, while they battled it out the longing intensified. Then the birthday arrived and this necklace came back into my life in the form of a surprise gift from my sister. I heard the hundred ghungroos singing to me, a divine melody that still rings in my ears. Even before I could unwrap the delicate sheets of hand made paper that carefully caressed my love, I knew what it was – it was special, memorable and an unforgettable moment that remains etched in my heart and soul.

Indian saree sari and tribal jewellery

The necklace did a lot for me and my sister – it strengthened our relationship, cemented our undying love for statement Indian jewellery and brought with it the courage we required to take this love to a new platform. As we take on a new adventure, a new venture and dive into the thrilling world of unknown possibilities, we have much to thank this necklace for.

The Saree Sari :)

Indian saree sari and tribal jewellery

This shoot honors’ a memory I cherish and expresses the gratitude it deserves. The idea was to showcase the tribal necklace as the star that it is, allow it to shine as brilliantly as it can and to portray all that it stands for. The recklessly rugged necklace juxtaposed against the most feminine garment I have ever known – the saree, creates a look that stands for everything todays woman is – strong, sensual, courageous, fierce, adventurous and fiercely feminine.

An ode to the saree and my love for jewellery and my sister.

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