Casino Vacation Packing List

Casino Vacation and Packing Essentials

We all crave a bit of excitement every now and again – long for something that cuts through the dreary monotony of our daily lives. Those who have the time find this in taking vacations, going abroad to experience what they might not be able to in India. This is particularly true for those who have always wanted to feel the thrill of gambling, but have been unable to because of India’s gambling laws. Places like Las Vegas, the Gambling Capital of the World, continue to draw in tourists and travellers from all corners of the globe, and Vegas in particular has become more than welcoming of its guests.

casino vacation packing list

A city that lives and breathes glitz and entertainment, you’d be forgiven for imagining Vegas as nothing more than tall, towering structures with bright, flashing neon lights, its denizens walking the streets well into the night, dressed in the latest fashions. At times, the Las Vegas Strip can be such, but you’d be surprised how homey Vegas can really seem. Some have even claimed that there is no more Hindu city in America than Las Vegas”, and the coalescence of different cultures in the city have made it so it’s possible to enjoy yourself regardless of where you are from.

However, as only several states, including Goa, allow casinos,the idea of travelling to and dressing up for such a city can be intimidating. A few months ago, Looking Good Feeling Fab provided its readers with a list of what to pack for your beach vacation, from the perfect swim suit to accessories like sun hats, and now we have come up with a list of things to pack for your Vegas or casino vacation too.

1. Fun Dresses
Many of us still think that those who go to casinos dress in extravagant gowns and tailor-made suits, but the truth couldn’t be any more different. As Intercasino explains in a post comparing live and online casinos, one of the main draws of cities like Vegas is the fact that “Live casinos usually have a festive and pretty active atmosphere,” which doesn’t just keep the gamblers awake, but makes everything more laid-back. Travelling to Vegas, you’ll find that many people who go will be dressed in casual dresses that allow them to move from casino to casino on the strip, as well as easily transition to a club, should they feel like dancing.

2. Comfortable Shoes
The Las Vegas Strip is popular because of the wealth of choices for casinos, and many choose to walk along the Strip. While the casinos themselves are quite expansive and walking through the Strip can be quite tiring, it’s a great way to experience all that Vegas has to offer, from different restaurants and street entertainment, as well as see the myriad of different people who visit the city on a daily basis. To that end, make sure you bring shoes you’re comfortable walking in, or at least a pair of flats that you can change to while moving from one casino to another.

casino vacation packing list

3. Bathing Suit
There’s more to do in Vegas than just gamble, and many of the casino hotels in the area have become veritable resorts. If you fancy a dip in the afternoons before heading to the gaming room, you should be able to enjoy a few laps. As discussed before, “The thing to remember while picking swimwear is that comfort and confidence are most important factors. All of us would like to rock bikini’s, supermodel style, but all of us might not be able to. So pick what you feel most confident in, these days there are plenty of patterns and styles of swimwear to choose from.”

4. Sunglasses
While Vegas is known for its night life, there is also plenty to see during the day. The city can be one of the hottest, brightest cities in the US, so packing your favourite sunnies should be a priority, unless you want to relax in your hotel all day.

5. Power Adapters
This is something that most travellers forget to bring. Whenever you travel overseas, make sure to research what voltage and outlets the country you’re visiting is using. If you’re travelling to the US, you’ll need power adapters and converters for your appliances and gadgets. This saves you the trouble of going down to the local store to look for converters and potentially missing out on beautiful photos because your camera’s battery has been drained.

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