Thrifty Shopping Haul, Pune (India) : Bags & Belts

Shopping Pune (India)

A great pair of heels and some quality bags are things that every girl should invest her heart, soul, emotions and of-course, money in, but then again if you find a great budget deal bringing along an opportunity to save some money then every smart girl should jump at it.

By now, you know that I love my thrifty finds, hunting down trendy, coveted pieces at ridiculous prices has turned into a passionate obsessive hobby for me. The results of one such hunting detour is what this video is about, aka, my thrifty shopping haul (mostly bags and belts).

Thrift Shopping Pune (India) : Shopping For Bags

Cheap Shopping India

I have lived in Pune for a long time now and have always envied those living in Mumbai and Delhi, cities that have been deemed street shopping havens. Very recently though, I see things changing, you can now find some amazing things at even more amazing prices right in my back door. Had I missed these deals and dealers all these years or is this a recent trend in my city, I don’t know. However, I can now say for a fact that if you look hard enough you are bound to find almost everything in your own city.

Here are a few thrifty tips I have picked up along the way

Thrifty Shopping Tips

1. Check Often : Visit your favourite budget stores often and know what you are looking for.

2. Shop With Friends : Explore the local markets with your friends, you are bound to find new treasures that you did not know of earlier.

3. Love it buy it : When you love something you see, buy it right away, don’t wait even for a second. Unlike the malls, local budget stores will only have one piece of a certain something you love, if you don’t buy it, someone else will, so buy first and think later.

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