The Best Bridal Makeup Experience : Do’s & Dont’s

Indian Bridal Makeup

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs and right in the centre of all the celebrations and festivities are the Indian brides – Maharanis for the day. Needless to say, it is the one day when there is no room for errors, the clothes, the shoes, the makeup – everything needs to be sheer perfection. I distinctly remember my wedding day and those giant sized wedding albums wont let me forget even if I try hard, everything seemed beautiful until those pictures arrived at my doorstep. I was no where to be seen, instead I saw a white, pale ghost-like creature attempting to look like me. Thank God there was no Instagram back then.

The point I am trying to make is that makeup is the most important aspect for any bride, especially now in the age is social media and instant uploads. Keeping that in mind Bridal Makeup Artist Vahbiz Irani guides us through the Do’s and Dont’s to ensure every Indian bride has the best makeup experience possible.

Before Vabhiz begins with her expert bridal makeup tips, here are 2 from me..

1. Take reference pictures and your outfit along for your bridal makeup trial.

2. Take pictures in different lights, using different devices to ensure your makeup is light and camera proof.

I know I am not a bridal makeup artist, but trust me because I speak from experience :) Over to makeup artist Vahbiz now..

Bridal Makeup Tips

indian bridal makeup

If you plan on getting dolled up by a makeup artist anytime soon, here is a makeup artists opinion on what they wish clients would and wouldn’t do when sitting in the makeup chair. What makes their job easier?

What can ruin a good application?

DON’T get your face waxed or threaded the day of

Do not get your brows waxed or any facial waxing or threading the day you are getting your makeup done. Besides the area being sensitive and red, foundation has a hard time adhering to or sitting well on the waxed skin.

DON’T be late for your appointment

Being late for your makeup appointment can make all the difference. It will make you impatient and will pressurize the makeup artist. Remember that even a professional needs the right amount of time to do their job effectively.

DON’T bring a strongly opinionated friend along

Everybody has their own ideas of what they think would look good on you based on their own makeup experience, and it may not bring out your best features. Leave it to the professional.

DON’T watch the process

The most important thing you should not do when getting your makeup done by a professional is watching the process (unless you are there for a lesson). The entire look has to come together, and if you analyze the look before it is completed, chances are high that you won’t like it and stress out during the process. Having your makeup done is a luxury and is totally meant to be enjoyed! So sit back, relax, and trust the artist you hired!

DON’T think that a particular look means the same thing to everyone

A look like a smoky eye can mean a totally different thing to two different people, for example, if someone has a heavy hand. Don’t assume the makeup artist knows exactly what you mean. Have reference images ready to show.

DON’T be afraid to listen to suggestions

After showing your reference images and discussing the same, be open to listening to suggestions based on your features. The makeup artist is trained to do that. If you are paying for it, you’d might as well get the service.

DON’T play up both eyes and lips

Choose what your best feature is; your eyes or your lips. Focus on one of them. Not both.

DON’T shy away from lashes

Say yes to lashes. Whether it’s a full strip or just individual ones in the corner; use it! The camera loves it and with a makeup artist there you don’t have to worry about putting them on yourself.

DON’T overdo shimmer

Shimmer on one area…either your eyes or cheeks is ok. Not everywhere.

DON’T expect Instagram makeup

Instagram makeup generally has strong eyes, heavy eyebrows, dark lips, a lot of contouring and highlighting going on. It may look good in a picture after running it through a lot of filters but it would not look good in person.

DON’T say “do whatever you want” – and expect anything else

Remember that makeup artists are in-fact artists. They will get very happy if you say “do whatever you want”. So don’t say that and then say that you hate it. Feel free to tell them what you actually want.

DON’T be shy

You are not going to hurt the makeup artists feelings. Be honest.

You can reach Bridal Makeup Artist Vahbiz Irani here  09820741485

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