Red Bell Bottom Pants : Styling Them 4 Ways

The Red Bell Bottom Pants

I remember it like it all happened yesterday, my mother frantically trying to convince a teenage me to wear her college days, retro, red bell-bottoms and me skilfully trying to dodge her every move. I had to draw forth my innate, non-existent creativity and stamina to come up with a retort for each one of her 1000 reasons why I must wear her bell bottom pants. She threw a volley of some very practical reasons, some ridiculous ones and then some emotionally drenched ones that caught me unaware and left me utterly exhausted.

There is some strange kind of  satisfaction and pleasure that mothers derive from dressing up their daughters in their clothes from decades ago. I never really understood it, not until I became a mother and found myself unlocking creaky old army trunks, sitting in a dusty garage, looking for  those matching skirt and blouse sets that I was made to wear as a child. My daughter, even though she is barely 5, refuses to wear them, but I don’t give up, I try to convince her, I try to show her how Deepika Padukone is wearing the same thing, I open magazines to prove that print on print is the trend every 5 yr old girl must follow, and when nothing else works I try and bribe her, with chocolates and pretty shoes. The bribes work, which girl does not love her shoes? She indulges me, putting on my childhood memories for just a bit and before I can even get the camera out to capture the memory for eternity, she has changed again and is wearing exactly what she likes ” how long I have to keep it on, was never specified”, she reminds me. I have no retort and just promise myself to sharpen my negotiation skills for next time.

Styling Bell Bottom Pants

I remember how I hid my mothers red bell-bottoms so she could not force me into them again. They remained hidden till I discreetly added them to a pile of clothes that were going to an orphanage- a decision that came back to hound me. The moment I saw the 70′s creeping back into the fashion scene, nudging and mocking me, all I could think about was my mothers bell-bottoms. I would now give an arm and a leg to get those back, not only were they the perfect fit, the perfect colour, they would have been the perfect memory. I now understand the crazy pleasure a mother experiences when a daughter wears her clothes.

Dear mummy I now know what a stupidly painful kid I was, those bell-bottoms were perfection and I am sure you looked smoking hot in them, I don’t have them anymore but I did get a new pair of red bell bottom pants tailored in order to honour our memory.

Styling Bell Bottom Pants

Today’s video is all about my new bell-bottom pants and an old memory. The more time I have spent playing and pairing my bell-bottoms, the clearer it has become to me that bell-bottoms are for everyday and every occasion. If you don’t believe me, watch the video for proof, in it we style bell-bottoms in 4 ways and you are bound to find a style that works for you and your lifestyle.

Bell Bottom Pants / Flare Pants Styling Video

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