Ageless Beauty : Zarine

Ageless Beauty Secrets

Fashion like art, becomes meaningful through its ability to evoke emotion. Like a painting can provide a deep insight into the life and times of the artist, fashion choices  reflect the personality of the wearer, sometimes these choices impress, sometimes they leave the observer awestruck, at times they tell all and at other times they leave you yearning for more.

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

I distinctly remember crossing paths with Zarine, on MG Road Pune, on countless occasions. I also remember, always, turning back again and again to catch another glimpse of her, till she disappeared and I could see her no more. She is a grandma with serious attitude and style to match, she is bohemian in the classiest manner, she loves her jewellery and, no, I am not talking diamonds, her collection of silver and stones could turn a queen green with envy, her silver grey hair is precariously twisted and turned to create the perfect most complex looking bun, adorned with a statement silver butterfly.

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

Each time I saw her, she evoked emotions, many of them, I would think ” when I grow old and become a grandma, I better be like Zarine”. Watching her has always inspired me – to dress well, to take risks, to not care about people, to live for ones self. She dresses and lives with a sense of adventure, she is a woman who hasn’t allowed age to get the better of her, she hasn’t allowed age to kill her style or her love for living a beautiful life – an inspiration she is..

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

All these years of Zarine spotting drove me to a point that I really wanted to sit down with her and chat, chat about everything – beauty, fashion, life, the lessons it teaches and so much more. Imagine my delight when this desire finally came true, I used the blog as an excuse to interview her and she was gracious enough to invite me to her house for what turned out to be a colourful evening filled with laughter, delightful squeals and long warm conversations.

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

Fabulous At Every Age : Zarine

Zarine is a warm, bright, happy soul with just the right dose of adventure to add to the already alluring mix. Adventure – her life has been full of it – as a teenager in the 1950s she hitch hiked through Europe , Zarine has worked and lived in Mumbai , Shimla ,Chicago and now calls Pune her home.


She has had lovely careers and never confined herself to just one – she has been an interior designer , a landscape artist , a jewellery designer, an actor and a model among other exciting and fulfilling careers. Zarine surrounds herself with beauty , be it the lovely silver bracelets and bangles that adorn her milky white arms , the art that is all around her house , the lovely green plants that she tends to so wonderfully well or the silver butterfly hair pin in her thick mane of silver hair.

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

She is unconventional even when it comes to beauty – Zarine has a wonderfully simple fuss free beauty routine , she believes that the more you complicate things the more damage you do. So she relies only on kajal and a statement red lipstick , that has been a constant companions for as long as she can remember . No facials and no trips to the salon , a good oil massage with coconut oil is what keeps her hair in wonderful condition and Kailash Jeevan ( an ayurvedic cream) is what Zarine swears by for her skin.

Ageless Beauty Secrets : Zarine

Zarine swears by yoga and practices it religiously twice a week while on the other days she makes sure she gets her dose of exercise by walking in the adjoining park. If you are lucky like me, you will also occasional spot her walking around MG road, talking to shopkeepers she has known for years and getting her groceries and healthy snacks. She is an early riser, she eats everything in moderation and even enjoys an occasional pizza, she loves dressing up, meeting people and trying new things, she is a creative genius and a lover of life, she is an inspiration and she knows how to live each day to the fullest.

Ageless Beauty : Mrs. Babboo Singh

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