Palazzo Pants + Crop Top = Summer Uniform

Palazzo Pants + Crop Top = Summer Dressing

Since the kids started their holidays, I too have been in vacation mode, I just want to laze around, watch mindless TV, snoop around on facebook, eat indulgent food, play silly games with the kids and day dream. I have been doing a lot of these things anyway, but not without being straddled with a ton of guilt, for ignoring the blog and procrastinating work. But it hasn’t been all play and no work, I have been watching ‘Shopaholic Diaries’ and some hopelessly romantic pieces of fiction, but I have also been watching a ton of fashion documentaries and these provide a fascinating peek into the world of fashion and brands.

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

Fashion Brands And Their Branding Tricks

The process of building fashion brands is mind bogglingly complex, there is so much that goes into it, 1000′s of marketing geniuses brainstorming over 1000′s of hours and a few 10000000′s of each of our dollars spent, yup that primarily is the mix for branding success. Each brand has a carefully selected mix of products to ensure an ever escalating top line while making sure the bottom line suffers not. There are luxury bags and luggage that cost lacs, these everyone aspires for but not everyone can buy, these will often be spotted on A list celebrities, red carpets and hi fashion magazines, these are low volume products that build the brand and make us yearn for them. The same brands will also offer products that are more accessible – the monogrammed belts, the sunglasses, the wallets, the Tshirts, these are the high volume work horses that are easier access and make the brand-conscious consumers feel cool.

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

But here is the fun thing, these easily accessible branded goods are all made in factories in India and China, there are factories for sunglasses that mass manufacture sunglasses for Chanel, LV, Guess, Tods all under the same roof, infact one station could be doing Chanel in one shift, Gucci in the next and maybe Titan in the third. So when you pay giant bucks for a pair of sunglasses, remember, you are only paying for the brand and nothing else, you are only paying so that their marketing and promotional budgets get bigger and to ensure the brand’s bottom line is not affected.

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

I am not saying I am against brands, not at all, I am just saying lets all be aware of what the truth really is, lets not be fooled by brands and their marketing campaigns. Just always ask the question ” what am I paying for? Quality? Luxury? Handwork? Time? Effort? or a Monogram?”

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

I do love my brands too, but Id rather save and sell my soul for a hand crafted luxurious Hermes Birkin (because it makes me feel confident and classy) than splurge on a pair of Chanel sunglasses made in a factory.

Ok enough said..

Palazzo Pants + Crop Top : Styling And Wearing Them

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

So while I go back to eating and watching documentaries, I leave you with images from our latest shoot.

Top Indian fashion blogs : Palazzo pants

These have become my Summer staples of sorts, I have been living in Palazzo pants and I have been pairing them with just about anything and everything, Kurt’s, Dresses and now with a crop top. Some tribal jewellery for accessories and a thrift vintage leather bag.

Crop Top : Spring Break (

Palazzo Pants : ANS by Astha & Sidharth


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