The Slow Life : 7 Day Detox

7 Day Complete Rejuvenation Regime for Skin and Soul

We come across such advice every now and then. So what’s new with this piece? Well, in this piece we are talking about a non-routine disturbing, a non-radical and a non-distressing regime that you can actually enjoy. We talk of little practices that make long term impact and also give instant happiness – the only key here is to ‘focus’ on these little activities while you do them, to extract maximum benefit. The more your brain’s concentration and your reception of smell, colour and sensation, more the benefit sans much ado. DAY-1: Start si(n)ple The slow life 7 day detox There is a close connect between happiness and beauty, one is a reflection of other. For a start, let us have a miniature celebration, to start our new life in while we take a few minutes each day to slow down and soak in the beauty around. For the soul: (Assuming it is a Monday) Wake up early, around 6:30-7am. Start your day with a cup of green tea (and some lemon juice) followed by your favourite brownie/ice-cream/cake slice or even a piece of chocolate for breakfast and flag the beginning of the regime. Say no to guilt and celebrate food so that your body and mind feel happy for the rest of the day – BUT, stick to a smaller piece than what you usually have. Follow it up with your regular routine until you come home after work in the evening. For the skin: Take a homemade scrub paste made of ‘gram flour’ and turmeric, mix in some curd and leave it on face for 10min. Wash it off after 10 min and say hello to a glowing skin devoid of all the pollutants that you inevitably deposit every day. Try and concentrate on the sensation gram flour particles create and the smell of turmeric. On day 1, sleep half an hour earlier than your usual timings. DAY-2: Fruit Fiesta The slow life 7 day detox For the skin: Wake up early like day-1 and sip your cup of green tea. Today, you must have a fruit for breakfast, say an orange or an apple or even a banana. Whatever you choose, take out a piece or slice of it, mash it or take out the juice. Use this juice/pack right after bath/face wash and let it be on for 15 min. Wash it off, and have the rest of your fruit for breakfast. For the soul: The super trick here is to take out your smartphone and read up on the fruit you chose, when you’ll read the health benefits, the brain will send out positive signals in the body and hence, the effect of this fruit will be multiplied!! Sleep early like Day-1 and follow your normal routine. Day-3: Go Nuts! The slow life 7 day detox For the skin: On day-3, eat 5 different types of nuts for breakfast, totalling a fistful. Make sure almonds are there. Take 2 almonds, grind them, mix with water and drain out the ‘almond milk’. Use this milk on face with a cotton pad. And, you’ll walk away to work with a never before For the soul: Go to the terrace, and watch the stars and feel the light wind. 30 min of the feeling you long wished for! The regime planning only helps you break the inertia of procrastination. Day-4: Spruce and spicy! The slow life 7 day detox For the skin: Today, you only need to groom yourself better than the usual days. Trim those overgrown eyebrows and ditch make up. Just sport a clean, confident countenance. Today, just let the skin breathe, wipe your face with wet tissues whenever it gets oily during the day, but ditch the foundation. For the soul: Add pickle to your lunch menu, for, it is full of probiotics that aid digestion. Make your food a little more spicy and flavourful than always. Tradition has it, that the extra spice induces slight perspiration which is actually good for health and slimming down. Look carefully and with focus on the ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ of spices. These colours have healing and embalming properties. Noticing your surroundings more carefully can make all the difference after all! Day-5: Seeds and Deeds! The slow life 7 day detox For the skin: Add a spoonful of flaxseed powder to your breakfast cereal. The antioxidants and vitamin E can do wonders for your skin. And following the pattern, yes, we advise a face massage using flaxseed oil for overall nourishment and glow. For the soul: Pick up any deed that you feel does good to the world, be it surprising a poor man with money or food or feeding a stray dog or putting a water bowl in your balcony for birds or even donating old clothes to charity. The trick here is to do a good deed you usually don’t do, for example if you regularly donate to a children’s orphanage, this time try donating to an animal welfare organization for a change or vice versa. Day-6: Whimsical Weekend The slow life 7 day detox For the skin: It’s is weekend, and it is time to give yourself freedom. Go to a spa, relax and get your favourite aroma therapy massage. For the soul: The aroma does a lot for the soul’s peace as well, but additionally, today, be whimsical. Say yes to a party only if you really want to go and say no if you prefer reading a book in bed. Today, stick to what your heart says and ditch the regular practices if they do not resonate with your internal preferences. Dance alone in a dimly lighted room or do a random photo shoot in your favourite dresses with a friend or go shopping or just call up an old school teacher – do anything that your whims command, but in moderation. Day-7: Ending with Exotics!! Day-7 For the skin: Pamper yourself with exotic sea salt bath. There is nothing as rejuvenating as that. Buy yourself the best brand of organic shampoo and delve in its luscious smell. It’s ok to spend for a while when we have saved so much throughout the week by ditching regular For the soul: Eat a bowl of pasta or a full plate of salad made of nothing but all the exotic vegetables. Use lesser pasta than ever and load it with broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers and every exotic vegetable you like and wanted to try. You could even bake a thin crust pizza loaded heavily with these veggie wonders. Read a children’s book, may be your old childhood favourite story. Plan the coming week for the sake of peace over next week. Take an afternoon nap and spend time with family and Once, you’re through with a week of this regime, we are sure you would only keep on adding good things to it with every other passing week. This regime is only a prelude to a healthy life that imbibes and imbues happiness. Contributed by Pragya Bang

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