Deepika Padukone In Piku : Style Steal With Melange

Deepika Padukone’s Piku Look Decoded

Right from its inception Bollywood has had a red-hot, flaming, passionate love affair with fashion, they make the perfect pair, supporting and promoting each other through the various Bollywood eras. My mother tells me of a time when there would be one Bollywood release each month, eagerly anticipated and fanatically followed, of course. A date with the movie would be followed by a trip to the market looking for fabric in Babita’s salwaar colour or Hema Mailni’s bell bottom pant fabric and then off to the tailor who would be fully prepared, having done his homework and waiting for the barrage of orders for Babita suits and Hema pants.

Piku Deepikas style decoded

The times have changed, Bollywood has changed and its fashion has come a long way, styling movies has become a complex science and it plays as important a role, if not more, than the leading ladies, often the clothes and the fashion can mean the difference between a block buster or a disaster. The clothes help build the character and personality of the actors in the movie and they dictate the trends to be aped and followed by us the public, its dhoti pants one Friday and churidaars the next. The trends change at break neck pace and keeping up with them can require extreme effort, however fashion houses and brands are making this easier, much much easier. Now the fashionista in you does not need to sweat it out, looking for the right fabric or spend hours at the tailor showing him pictures of Deepika’s latest palazzo pants. All you need to do is walk into the nearest Melange store and pick out the exact outfit that you loved in Piku. Yess!! Melange is carrying all of Deepika’s looks from Piku and they are fabulous!

Sometimes Bollywood fashion can be a little unrelatable (remember Vidya Balan in Dirty Picture?) or overwhelming (Aisha?), but the styling in Piku is so refreshingly simple and yet so well put together. Deepika plays the part of a girl, who is exactly like you and me, she works, she works hard, she lovingly takes care of her demanding paranoid father, she tries to juggle her relationships while finding herself and doing what she loves – sounds just like you are me – the role we all play everyday and Deepika’s wardrobe plays the role just as well as she does.

Piku Deepikas style decoded

Deepika Padukone Piku Style

Her wardrobe is hardworking, practical, affordable and yet extremely chic – and its all available at Melange stores nation wide. A trip to the mall this week made a visit to the store irresistible, and honestly thank God I went in, got myself a few pieces that I know are going to be my wardrobe staples and my pocket did not feel much lighter either :)


Piku Deepikas style decoded

The Lowdown

Well, I am wearing what Deepika Padukone is wearing in the poster, ha!! how cool does that sound! Only the scarf is missing, an important piece of the puzzle, I know, but it was all sold out. I loved this blue kurta, simple but very comfortable with a number of stylish details, the cuffed up sleeves, the raised collar, the rounded bottom and the radiant colour. The pants too are super comfortable, especially for these sweltering hot summer days, they have a delicate crochet bottom, super soft fabric and bright bold colours.

Piku Deepikas style decoded

Melange For Deepika’s Piku Looks

Piku Deepikas style decoded

Piku Deepikas style decoded

The Melange store in Pune happens to be at the Kumar Pacific mall.

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