Beach Vacation Packing List

Beach Vacation And Fashion Essentials

Whenever the chaos around me gets too intense to deal with, whenever I feel the need to push back and step away, I close my eyes and instantly, my mind begins to wander. It takes me to exotic destinations, some that I have been to and some that I have only dreamed of, the places vary but the presence of the beach is non-negotiable. No vacation can feel complete without the presence of the beach, even if the holiday be an express one, that I take from the confines of my office.

Beach Vacation Packing List

The vast endless expanse of the sea, which roars with ferocity from a distance and then loses all intensity as it lovingly embraces the shore. The endless blue sky that never tires of cradling the sea, the sun that takes a dip in it every evening, creating a splatter of crimson gold in the sky, the canopy of twinkling stars that compete to outshine each other in a bid to light up the sea. The sand between my toes, the salt in the air, the wind tousling my hair, the sound of hushed murmurs between the sand and the sea. Ah the sea calms me down, it spurs me on, it allows me to reflect and to think ahead, it pushes me to dream  bigger dreams and it helps me put things in perspective.

Beach Vacation Packing List

By the sea is where I find my haven. Pretty much any city with a beach does for me, but off late I have found a special connection with Goa, its become my vacation of choice and convenience and to think that I had never visited Goa till a couple of years back, just makes me feel full of regret. Goa is paradise on Earth for absolutely anyone and everyone, it has this ability to transform and mold itself to please each person that sets foot on this gorgeous land. There is something for the shopper, the foodie, the historian, the nature lover, the party goer, the parents, the kids, the gamblers, the adventure lovers, the thrill seekers…for those on a budget or for those addicted to luxury..

For the last few years Goa has become my preferred and obsessively loved beach vacation destination. Its a place that has given me a lot of cherished memories and good times, small pleasures that will stay embedded in my heart and soul forever.

Beach Vacation Packing List

I still remember the first time I went for my family beach vacation, I felt unprepared and out of place, I felt like my packing list for the beach vacation was completely wrong, I packed things that were inappropriate and forgot some beach vacation essentials back home. I remember looking at other women around, all stylish, easy breezy dresses, hats, the perfect accessories..they just looked so well put together and that made me feel worse about being in jeans that felt terribly hottt, sweaty and just so wrong. With each beach vacation that I have taken, I have become slightly better and figured out the perfect mix of style and comfort, for me. After all, looking good is an important part of feeling fab, and that is the whole point of taking a vacation in the first place right?!!

Beach Vacation Packing List

So although this is not an exhaustive list of things to pack for your beach vacation, it is a fun look at some beach vacation essentials.

1. Swimwear : The thing to remember while picking swimwear is that comfort and confidence are most important factors. All of us would like to rock bikini’s, supermodel style, but all of us might not be able to. So pick what you feel most confident in, these days there are plenty of patterns and styles of swimwear to choose from.

2. Maxi Skirts : These are super hard working and super versatile. Slip it on over your swimsuit and it will take you from beach to brunch, pair it with a little shimmer for a party, switch those flip flops with some heels and you will be ready for a dinner date.

3. Maxi Dresses : Nothing screams beach vacation louder than easy breezy maxi dresses.

4. Sun Hats : They don’t just protect the skin from the sun, the look stylish and elegant too.

Beach Vacation Packing List

5. Footwear : A cute pair of flip flops and a trendy pair of sandals (fringe or gladiators or fringed gladiators :) are absolute musts.

6. Sunglasses : An essential that I have forgotten to film in the video, which is why it needs a special mention.

I could go on with this list, but Id rather have you watch the video..

The video shows essentials that you must include in your beach vacation packing list, it also is a glimpse into my Goa holiday, I hope you enjoy.

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