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Although I find myself on a constant quest to live a naturally beautiful life, I cannot deny that a little help from science, technology, research and MAKE-UP can go a long way. Make-up, lets talk make-up for a bit, I have the most profound respect for make-up and make-up artists, it really is an art, a skill that requires deep devotion to perfect.

I do not have too much experience with make up, but from the little I know, I can say with the utmost certainty that it has the potential to transform people and personalities. Which is why I am always trying to pick up any tiny piece of expert information that comes my way. To help me demystify this art of unleashing the hidden potential of make-up I decided to call on board the lovely Mumbai based make-up artist Vahbiz Irani.

Vahbiz was creatively inclined from a very young age and graduated on top of her class in Commercial Art. Few years later she trained professionally from FAT MU Academy and since then has worked on make-up for catwalk shows, advertising campaigns, editorial shoots and bridal make-up.

10 cheap Indian makeup products that work

Vahbiz is going to be our make-up guide and mentor and tutor us through a series of posts. She will simplify the art of make-up by telling us about how to work on our skin, what products to use, what make up tricks to try and the latest trends, dos & don’ts.

You can check her Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/makeupVahbizIrani),

email your queries to her at vahbizirani@gmail.com or

call her on 09820741485.

With the introductions out of the way, lets get right into the thick of things. Today Vahbiz tells us about 10 drug store make-up products available in India that she thinks we all need to try. These 10 make-up products are likely to become your new superheroes, they deliver their promises without burning a hole in your pocket.

Vahbiz says “Ladies…you don’t need to go crazy spending soooooo much of your hard earned money on expensive makeup products. You will think of me fondly every day if you go out and buy these 10 amazing drugstore products that complete your makeup kit for daily use.”

10 Cheap Indian Make-Up Products To Buy Now

10 cheap Indian makeup products that work

Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes:

These are a must have in your makeup kit as well as your handbag. Especially in the summer when you are all hot, sweaty and need to feel as fresh as a daisy. It’s also the very 1st step before you put on your moisturiser and foundation. (Rs.170/-)

Nivea Lip-balm:

Available at all chemists. We may not realize but our lips need moisture even in the summer, not just winter. Protect your lips!!! They are the softest part f your face. Few minutes before you put on your lip liner if you have already used your lip balm you will find it extremely easy to apply your lip liner. (Rs.100/-)

Garnier BB cream:

This product is well priced at Rs.70/- and easily available. It is a moisturizer, sunscreen and light foundation all rolled in one. Just perfect for daily use! Just apply it evenly on your face and neck area. It provides instant coverage and a fresh glow to your skin.

Lakme Invisible Foudation:

Go to any Lakme store and get yourself this magical product! Its light on the skin, provides full coverage, lasts long hours and is affordable. (Rs.185/-)

Lakme Rose Powder:

This powder will make your foundation and your hard earned money stay put, and it comes at an economical price of just Rs. 55/-

dab dab dab…a little goes a long way.

10 cheap Indian makeup products that work

Maybelline Eyeshadow Quads:

Prices at Rs. 220/- this tiny box makes life so much easier because it gives you the perfect 3 colours that compliment each other and the 4th is the highlighter. You could use one or all 3 colours….enjoy!!!

Elle 18 Eye Liners:

People can tell a lot by just looking into your eyes. They are a window to your inner self. You could use it on your upper eyelid and lower. It can be used in hundreds of ways, just the thought makes my head spin! Priced at Rs. 55/-

Lakme Lash Artist:

If there is just one makeup product that you decide to use, make it a mascara, this one is affordable and makes your lashes go on and on! (Rs.225/-)

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush:

Price at Rs. 180/- it is great for creating a natural and pretty flush on the face. When applied in the right manner it can make you look 10 years younger. You can try some of the shades and see what works best for your skin tone.

Colorbar Matte Lipsticks:

This product is excellent!!! It’s easy to apply, long lasting and so affordable that it falls under the category of a drugstore product. It starts at Rs. 200/- Come on ladies get your groove on ;)

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