3 Fashion Trends I Have Adopted : 2015

Top Fashion Trends 2015

Following every dip and peak, of every fashion trend, from across the globe has its perils – a bank statement that proclaims how precariously close I am to filing for bankruptcy and the ‘closet full of things yet nothing to wear’ syndrome.

I religiously take notes while reading every page of every fashion magazine, I watch the runway shows, I observe the celebrities taking on these trends, I see bloggers spinning the trend on its head and I get influenced. You can empathize with me cant you? After spending so much time around these fashion trends, Its easy to start believing that what looks good on Lisa Haydon would look good on me too, its easy to forget that I am possibly half her height and a little more rounded.

Fashion Trends 2015 India

Once I reach this state of complete and utter oblivion, I go ahead and ‘invest’ in these ‘trends’, this is followed by countless days spent trying to figure out how to make them work for me, obviously, because I am no Lisa Haydon.  This is followed by me watsapping a picture of me in the ‘trend’ to all those whose opinion matters to me – mom, sister, mom-in-law, husband, designer friends, blogger friends, freinds, friends of friends..basically everyone on the list, other than my dhobi.

The expert opinions start to flow in, some laugh at it, some think its a joke, some think its styling genius while others try to convince me to see a psychiatrist. All the advise just leads to more confusion, too much confusion. The confusion soon leads to regret which turns into disgust and once that credit card statement arrives the disgust makes way for a panic attack and a complete meltdown.

Fashion Trends 2015 India

So you understand what I am talking about – right? The business of fashion is great, but it really is for the strong willed and brave hearted.

So if you are not a Lisa Haydon or an Aishwarya Rai, if you are weak hearted and do not have a trust fund to your name, this video is for you. These are 3 of the biggest fashion trends of 2015 that every girl can adopt. If like me, you, are 5 feet and a little more, if you are the average Indian built, you can still adopt these fashion trends and look good and feel fab.

3 Fashion Trends To Adopt In 2015

The trends I have adopted this season are

1. Bell-bottoms or flared pants

2. Midi skirts

3. Kurtas with palazzo pants

Fashion Trends On A Budget

In this video I show you my take on styling these big fashion trends for 2015.

While on the topic of fashion videos, have you seen the last one – the Lakme Fashion Week Style Steal Video?? and do leave a comment below letting me know of your favourite looks from this video and the LFW video.


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