The Mind, Fragrant Flowers And White

I find it fascinating to observe the games my mind plays with me, it can be stealthy and deceptively cunning, it knows my weaknesses and strikes just when I start to feel carelessly confident. The mind – the biggest con artist I have encountered, it makes you believe in the unbelievable, it makes you feel hopeful in the most hopeless situations, it makes you fall in love when you are surrounded with hate, the mind, it has its ways, tricky ways, it makes you think you are right when you are so wrong, it sometimes makes you oblivious to the feelings of others, it creeps up just when you stop looking over your shoulder.

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I am guilty of being played by my mind, I thought I was right, I thought things were smooth, I got too busy to notice, that, my small insignificant act had caused tremendous pain to a very significant other in my life. My mind was playing its games with me, making me think I could do no wrong, when all I was doing was wrong. Thank God I decided to stop, thank God I decided to step back, thank God I decided to take the time to observe my mind, the feelings of others and the hurt I had caused.

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I look back and think I was so foolish, I feel ashamed and I feel let down by myself – its the most painful situation to be in, the one in which you dont live up to your own expectations, when you fall in your own eyes. How did I allow this to happen? When did I get so weak and when did I allow my mind to become stronger than me?

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I know the answers and yet my mind mockingly asks me the questions. The mind is such a big player that to constantly stay on top one needs something bigger something more, belief and practice of a sound philosophy, meditation, yoga or time to look inside..Whatever you call it, it needs to be done, everyday..its an area of my life where I slackened and the mind took advantage..

But the good thing is that life almost always gives us a second change, its for us to take it before its too late, its for us to learn from each experience, rectify and live better each new day..

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Ok so enough philosophy for a fashion blog…haha did you start to think you have reached the wrong place? I apologize for the rant, some old habits die hard :)

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It is Summer, it is hot and it is time for a new start..nothing symbolizes all this better than white, a clean slate and a hopeful new beginning. The shirt is perfect, a white shirt with a difference, a tailored front with a flowy long back. The skirt, well its not really a skirt…see I can sometimes be a con artist too..the skirt is actually a top worn as a skirt and the arms knotted in the front. The fragrant gajra is my favourite accessory in the whole world..

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Cheers to fragrant new beginnings..

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