Saree Style : 9 Moods Of The 9 Yards

The Saree: 9 ways of styling the saree

A sari is truly a 9 yard wonder! The saree made news when during the screening event of Devdas at Cannes,  Aishwarya stepped out in a beautiful, mustard Sari. All heads turned away from even the most gorgeous gowns and she herself admits she instantly became the cynosure of all eyes that evening – like never before and never again. A sari has that mysterious and miraculous power of transformation, and, what is even better – is the fact that you can customize this magic for any and every occasion. A sari is for all moods and all occasions, for the office, for the dinner, for the date, for the wedding, for the rebellion, for the hiding, for the revealing, for the glamour and even for a library stroll with friends.

Lookingoogfeelingfab has a unique compilation of 9 looks (and the 9 moods) of a sari, this time for all those who love saris and for all those who haven’t yet braved themselves to try

1. The Dainty Desi

This look is for all those young girls who love being effortlessly good looking and have a penchant for trying out ‘desi’ looks. This look is all about a light weight sari, block prints and jhumkis. This look comes as a pure treat to eyes and is extremely easy to put together. The highlight here is the choice of jewellery which boldfaces the ‘desi’ quotient of the sari and a modest, medium sleeved blouse.

Here is how Vidya Balan gets this look right by opting for a light, summery cotton sari and some ethnic jewellery:

Bollywood Saree styling

Bollywood Saree styling

2. The Simple and Sassy

Not as modest, yet, not as glamorous. A sari can convey youth, simplicity and zeal all in right proportions with this style. This look entails just 3 key things – one colour and a border or small self-prints, minimal jewellery and a light, matching makeup. This look is of the space between a desi and a modern style of carrying a sari.

Best explained by the picture, Sneha (the south Indian actress) here wears a light cotton sari sans any ‘eye-catching’ jewellery and strikes the right balance between simplicity

Bollywood Saree styling

How to wear a saree

3. The Modern Maverick

The Indian sari when gets a free-spirited, western twist (be it in form of designs or draping style), we call it the modern maverick look. This mood reflects an open armed embrace of – life, cross-cultural influences and individual’s distinctiveness of identity. This look is all about digital and abstract prints, western heels and western jewellery paired with our very Indian sari. Masaba Gupta is a leading name in such Boho prints, who uses doodles and drawings of childhood as an inspiration.

Best illustrated by this gorgeous photograph of Gauri Khan, who has donned a Satya Paul creation, the print stands out and minimalistic makeup and ‘no jewellery’ add to the focus on the ‘mood of the sari’ here:

Bollywood Saree styling

Bollywood Saree styling

4. The Adventure Aficionado

For those who love adventure and are bold and brave to sport a rather different look than what a sari usually forms a picture in most minds, then from waistcoats to vests and belts are all there for you to pair with a sari. We found some striking ensembles from Abraham and Thakore collection. We bet you can do even better once you start ransacking your husband or brother or dad’s wardrobe, and trust us, there is no loss of feminine quotient here, there is only an underpinned conviction!

Bollywood Saree styling Bollywood Saree styling

5. The Glamorous Goddess

A backless blouse, sequins, neat and tight pleats or a sexy sheer front pallu and a low-waist draping – a sari can be as glamorous as you want it to be. It is just a matter of how far are you willing to go! Bright lips, cat-eye or winged eye-liner, skyscraper heels and a lightly embellished, chiffon or a georgette or a net sari – the perfect recipe for turning heads, this look literally oozes sensuality.

(Bonus: if you can, try a deep plunging neck! need we say more?) And who can carry it better than our very favourites Malaika Arora Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Malaika Arora Khan_The Glamorous Godess

Bollywood Saree styling



6. The Timeless Traditional

A true reminiscence of Indian roots, this look never goes wrong or out of fashion and almost the easiest to put together, since we have seen our moms and aunts carrying it often. Buns, bright lips, kajal, gold jewellery and a bindi are all you need for the look. Stick to chandelier earrings or traditional designs in round and square shapes. Jewellery and make up both accentuate the traditional, purely Indian appeal of the Kanjivarams, zari borders and all heavily embellished saris form this look.

Aishwarya Rai looks jaw droppingly gorgeous in this avatar:

Bollywood Saree styling

Bollywood Saree styling


7. The Daily Diva (girl next door)

Stylish, yet not eye-piercing; casual and comfortable – this is one of the most transformative looks of a sari. A refreshing break from the jeans and tops and midi dresses, a light weight chiffon or georgette sari in pastel hues is what we call ‘daily diva’ mood of a sari. Minimal or no jewellery and no make-up, the sari and yourconfidence do all the talking here.

We loved this looks by Raw Mango -

Bollywood Saree styling

Bollywood Saree styling

Kareena Kapoor_ The Daily Diva


8. The Corporate Charisma

The classic, plain sari that conveys solidarity, conviction and charisma. Give your office wear wardrobe a sari twist. Be it Chanda Kochar or Shikha Sharma, Indian CEOs have proved it time and again that a sari is one of the best garments for formal occasions, it conveys modesty and instantly adds enigma to your persona. We spotted blazers over saris as the trend and look who’s carrying it with panache:

Bollywood Saree styling

9. The Eclectic Experimenter

By now, you’ll agree that sari is a garment with many moods and has boundless scope for experimentation. This last one is a reflection of ‘ingenious spirit’ and ‘fearlessness’. The experimenting mood goes way beyond world’s standards and it pervades to draping style, accessories, colour combinations and even the choice of blouses with a sari. Next time you see someone wearing a T shirt or a crop top with a sari, don’t jeer and be sure that the person is in a ‘let us try it’ mood, that’s all.

Here is how Sabyasachi put sarees and crop tops together.

sabyasachi style_Tshirt and Saree_The Eclectic Experimenter

Adventure Afficionado


We hope you enjoyed exploring the many moods a sari. We look forward to hearing about your experiments with the 9 yard wonder!

Saree Style

Contributed by Pragya Bang


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