Ageless Beauty Secrets With Mrs. Babboo Singh

Ageless Beauty : Mrs. Babboo Singh

They say that beauty isn’t an age, beautiful women come in all ages, in fact I tend to find some older women more alluring and beautiful than their younger teen counterparts. Maybe I feel this way because I am no longer a teen..hehe..

But no seriously, its easy to look youthful and beautiful as a young girl, but truly beautiful are those women who radiate beauty and a glow that could put any teen queen to shame.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to one such gorgeous lady Mrs Babboo Singh.

Mrs Singh – is elegance personified , old world charm , supremely elegant , graceful and with a very warm heart and generous spirit.

Mrs Singh is a fine example of how to embrace age gracefully . Not only is she beautiful to look at , she is also an accomplished artist with a passion for creating wonderful hand painted apparel . Mrs Singh specializes in silk painting, a unique art form that she uses to create wonderful apparel and home linen of the highest quality.

Beauty secrets with ageless beauty Babboo Singh

Work And Creativity..

1.How did you start your artistic journey? Were you interested in art as a child? Please tell us about your artistic influences ? 

Creativity has always been a constant companion since childhood, probably being a Libran has something to do with it.  I was always drawn to beauty in life whether it was visual, in thought or words. Seeing my interest, I was encouraged by my family and was trained under a professional artist and then there was no looking back. I persevered through years of postings and commitments as an army wife. Even with two growing children I kept honing my skills at home.
In my artistic journey I explored diverse mediums. I began with oils then watercolors, thereafter decoupage and montage work caught my fancy, then I delved in stippling for some time. I was introduced to silk painting in the United States, when I saw how the colors flowed on fabrics and the exciting possibility of this medium I was hooked. I loved the challenge of working with such an unusual medium. I loved the vibrancy and richness of the color that can be achieved on working with dyes on silk, without sacrificing any of the fibers natural softness and grace. The pigment is infused in the very fibers of the material rather than laid on top, mind you its not a very forgiving medium though.
Beauty secrets with ageless beauty Babboo Singh
2.How long does it take to create the wonderful dupattas /scarves/sarees ?
Silk painting is a longish procedure. The silk material is first thoroughly washed and then stretched tight on a frame. Then solvent based resist is applied which works as a dam for the dyes. Dyes are then carefully applied in a number of washes beginning from light to dark to achieve different hues and effects. The colors are then heat set by steaming for 4-5 hours. Thereafter the superfluous colors and resist is washed off and the piece is finally ready. It is indeed time consuming. A saree or a duppata could take roughly 5-6 days.
Beauty secrets with ageless beauty Babboo Singh
3.How do you suggest one looks after/stores delicate beautiful garments like the ones you hand paint?
My creations are very easy to care for. Firstly I use only washable silks and chiffon. They can easily be washed at home and dried in shade, the colors are fast.
4.How much time do you devote to work everyday?
I do not take on too much, as I put my soul in every piece I paint or design. I do believe that each one of my creations has a destiny and will find its owner. Working hours depend on the work load.

Elegant Fashion Rules..

Beauty secrets with ageless beauty Babboo Singh

5.You come across as the epitome of grace and poise, could you describe your style for our readers? Do you have any fashion rules you stick to?
Thank you for the compliment. I believe in simplicity and elegance, for me less is more . Yes, I have my fashion rules. I have always felt that everyone looks good in their young age but the challenge is to look good and graceful in your old age. My fashion rules are well groomed hair, good shoes and well tailored clothes which need not be expensive at all. But above all its the way you carry your self with poise and grace….a lady has to behave like a lady ! Period .

Ageless Skin And Hair Secrets..


Beauty secrets with ageless beauty Babboo Singh

6.You have radiant skin and a gorgeous mane of salt pepper hair. What are some of the beauty rituals that you would pass on to, say, your daughter / granddaughter?
I have always believed in natural things for skin and hair.You need to take care from a young age. No beauty parlour cares of you as much as you can for yourself. A couple of simple at home natural skin care masks I recommend.

Honey + egg white mask to keep away wrinkles

Egg White + onion juice for great skin.

Egg whites, honey , almond, cucumber and lemon juice are all excellent for the skin. In addition to this many things in your kitchen like tomato juice work wonders for your skin.

I never really used any expensive products, but I did put in effort, in my younger days I would never wash my face without putting some mask on  first and I would never wash my hair without putting something on it first. I guess I am reaping the benefits of that effort now.

 7.Please share your hair care routine with our readers? (We love do it yourself recipes for skin and hair care that we can whip up at home :)) )
The skin and hair care regime that you follow in your young age definitely reflects in your old age. Above all its very important to lead a happy and a contented life which does reflect on your face.
Hair Mask recipe:
Brown methi seeds in oil, strain the oil, grind the brown seeds, add them back to the oil add some yogurt and apply to your hair.
8.You are also in very good shape , after a certain age we women tend to let go of ourelves but you have kept yourself in envious shape . Please share your fitness regime with us , how do you strike a balance?
Apart from having good genes from both my parents I do believe in moderation- sensible eating is imperative. For me brisk walks work the best. I Don’t know why people feel that you can let go of your self in your old age. Today, everyone needs to be fit and healthy.
9.Do you feel nutrition and diet play an important role in looking good? Do tell us about your diet . If there are any special rules  you have picked up along the way?
Yes, most definitely diet plays a pivotal role in being healthy and looking good. At 60 I like to take very good care of my body. For my bone health, I take half a tea spoon of ashvagandha and walnut kernels in the morning and water is the elixir of life. My breakfast is a toast with cinnamon and honey or an egg and a big glass of milk. For lunch, I take a big bowl of curd with half a teaspoon of flax seeds , Dal and vegetables and one or two chapatis. The same for dinner except the curd. In addition to this I consume amla juice in season and of course all the seasonal fruits.
10.Parting words of wisdom for our readers? On how to stay fashionable /graceful.
My advise to the readers will be not to follow fashion blindly. everyone has a body type so  wear what suits you the best. lastly, don’t let the child in you die…life is too short, enjoy it.

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