9 Herbal Natural Wonders For Healthy Glowing Skin

9 Natural Kitchen Wonders For Glowing Skin

Stress, pollution and the need to look fresh and glowing at all times of the day are all on an equal rise. What comes to our rescue on such occasions is mother nature! Yes, nature’s remedies are the best antidote to most skin and hair related problems owing to stress and pollution. These natural remedies not only benefit the skin but also the mind, since the various sensations they produce, are linked to positive vibrations of peace and tranquility generated in our mind.We have created a compilation of 9 such natural herbal remedies, straight out of most Indian kitchen cabinets – some widely known and some lesser known; that guarantee fresh and beautiful skin:

1. Almonds

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

Packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, these nuts are a storehouse of nourishment for the skin. Almond scrub when used twice a week, gives flawless sheen to the face and reduces spots. To make this paste soak 5-6 almonds in water, peel them and grind them into a semi-fine paste and use directly as a scrub. Sweet almond oil can also be used as an effective natural makeup remover for face which will nourish the skin from deep within. Regular use of almond oil body massage can add a permanent glow overall when used for a longer period of time.

2. Cinnamon

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

Also known as dalchini in Hindi, cinnamon is another wonderful kitchen ingredient one can use for healthy skin. A paste of cinnamon powder and water when applied over pimples, reduces their redness, pain and heals them faster. Cinnamon is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and hence enhances complexion when used with yoghurt and lemon juice. As a bonus, cinnamon reduces the appearance of fine lines since it improves blood flow and hence also soothes dry and itchy skin- a common condition due to increasing pollution. It is a widely accepted cure for acne

3. Fenugreek Seeds

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

An ancient Asian beauty secret, fenugreek seeds are now revered by the world for their skin benefiting properties. Use a paste of soaked fenugreek (methi) seeds and water for reduction of blemishes, blackheads, wrinkles and skin inflammation. When applied with milk, it reduces tanning and lightens the skin. For those who suffer from acne, fenugreek seeds form one of the best antidotes – due to their property of combining free radicals in the body, these wonderful seeds can treat acne very effectively.

4. Flaxseeds

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

Packed with antioxidants and Omega3 fatty acids, these seeds are a subject of huge research these days. Known as alsi in Hindi, flaxseeds are a bundle of health benefits. But as for skin, flaxseed oil massage can add an instant glow to your dull and tired facial contours. Flaxseed paste facial can reduce rashes and redness of skin which is a common condition during summers. Incorporate them in your diet (flaxseed powder can be mixed with the wheat flour used every day at home) for long lasting results.

5. Mint Leaves

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

Crushed mint leaves (pudina), honey and water- an instant concoction to freshen up the skin, tighten the pores and reduce dark circles under eyes. Salicylic acid in mint leaves helps in removal of dead skin cells hence, regular use of mint leaves in form of face pack or toner or face scrub can lead to skin that is youthful and fresh almost always! And what’s still better is the fact that one can always grow a small mint bush at home easily!

6. Potatoes

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

Not only a diet staple, potatoes should also be your beauty regime staple! They are easy to find and easy to use – potato juice is one solution for – dry skin, dark circles, blemishes, dullness of skin, sunburns, tanning and even wrinkles. Grate fresh potato and use this undiluted juice over face and neck for an instant rejuvenation. The only caveat here is to use the juice immediately after extraction for maximum benefits.

7. Rose Petals

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

There is something innately beautiful about roses, they continue to enchant us since decades and centuries. Be it in form of rose water or crushed rose petals, this flower is therapeutic in its effect. Use pesticide free roses in form of crushed rose petal and honey + lemon juice mixture for an instantly fresh skin with a hint of pink blush. This mixture lightens the skin and opens up clogged pores thereby allowing better influx of oxygen.

8. Salt

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

A gentle massage of common salt on a damp face can effectively exfoliate the skin to reveal fresh skin. Salt scrub also enhances blood circulation and cures puffiness of eyes (a condition common due to long working hours, working on laptop and PC screens). Use pads dipped in solution of 1 teaspoon salt and a cup of lukewarm water to treat puffy eyes. Use of sea salt in place of common salt will multiply these benefits!

9. Fennel Seeds (saunf)

9 Herbal Natural Wonders for Healthy Glowing Skin

A member of the parsley family, this aromatic herb has amazing beauty benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, these wonder seeds reduce ageing signs on skin and have a super cooling effect. Soak a teaspoon of them in a cup of water overnight and use this water the next morning as a facial rinse or dab it on with a cotton pad as a toner. Regular use of fennel seed water on skin improves the overall texture of the skin and alleviates skin problems like inflammation, irritation and itchiness.

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(Article and Images contributed by Pragya Bang)

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