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It is 7:30 am, the start of a weekend and while the rest of the city is busy hitting the snooze button on the clock or nursing a hangover, I find myself standing at the helm of a whole different world, it is the secret location for a much anticipated shoot that has been on the planning board for a while now.

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I step through the door and into a worn out room, the floor is covered with dust and dry leaves that rustle beneath my feet. The ceiling is dotted with cobwebs and rusted beams; there are windows that are barely managing to hang on to the walls. Golden light from the rising sun peeps in through the doorways and the gaps in the ceiling, the orbs of light seem to dance to a silent symphony, illuminating the walls. These walls mimic the ocean; they are a million shades of blue, green, grey and cream, all blending into each other seamlessly to create an illusion. This can only be the work of the skilled artist – time.

I find myself thinking about the stories I would hear if these walls could talk, maybe of naughty boys who drew on them, of little girls with big dreams, of worried parents and quiet celebrations.

A cool early morning breeze and an excited chatter derail my train of thought, my friends and collaborators for the day are here. Some I have known, but most I am meeting for the first time, after months of emails and SMSes, here we are, hugs and cheerful greetings all around.

Let me introduce you to them, all gorgeous Pune based women, with very diverse personalities and talents.


Pune top fashion blogs

My partner in crime and the creative genius behind Mogra – a crafts inspired artisanal label with a vision to bring a piece of India into wardrobes around the world. Sheena travels to distant corners of India, picking up fabrics right from their source; she then waves magic to transform these beautiful Indian fabrics into fun, wearable and contemporary pieces for you and me to enjoy. I met Sheena through Instagram and at our first meeting this plan was hatched – the plan for this massive collaboration. She created 6 beautiful designs for our collaboration, using fabrics especially handpicked by her from a small but famous village called Bagh in Madhya Pradesh where the 1000 year old craft of block printing by hand, using all natural dyes, is practiced even today.


Pune top fashion blogs

The beautiful jewels that helped add a whole different dimension to our endeavor are all Avantika’s creations. Aaraa by Avantika is her brand, under which she creates the most exquisite sterling silver jewellery. The brand exemplifies ornamentation and adornment for a stylish, urban and individualistic woman with a blend of traditional values who loves spicing up her style with a little something! The design language of her jewellery is inspired by everything Indian with a hint of global aura. She is a designer who also happens to be an engineer, which is why, I guess her creations display a lot of technical precision along with design genius. After completing her design degree she interned with Amrapali Jewels, Jaipur and is now busy putting finishing touches to her studio, opening soon in Pune.


Pune top fashion blogs

Damini Oberoi is potentially the most famous ‘Damini’ in Pune, no matter who I am talking to, if the name Damini comes up, the next question invariably is “Damini Oberoi??” I have known Damini for a long time and her name was the first one that popped in my head while planning this whole exercise. She is gorgeous, polite, down to earth and the most warm and wonderful person to be around. She is the lady behind some of the most well planned and executed events and weddings in and around the city. When you attend an event organized by Damini, you can tell that she pours her entire creativity into every little detail.


Pune top fashion blogs

When you lay eyes on Kritika, you are immediately struck by her beauty – tall, dusky, slim, those never ending legs and those signature culrs in her hair. It’s only when she starts talking that you realize there is so much more to Krithika – she is smart, intelligent, confident, grounded, energetic and extremely well spoken. She has an infectious laugh and a smile that could launch toothpastes and break a million hearts, all at the same time. She is a law student who also models and reads and dances {bharatnatyam} and travels and goshhh so much more. She shines at everything she does and I am convinced she has a bright future ahead of her.


Pune top fashion blogs

A NIFT graduate and a master of many forms of art, she is a graphic designer, a photographer, a product designer and a wonderful person all rolled into one. Carishma was the one person who worked tirelessly throughout the entire 4.5 hour long shoot. She had a tough job of making the designers, the models and the blogger J happy with the pictures she took. She followed instructions from all of us, tried to ensure everything looked great in the frame. She waited patiently while we changed the angle of stool and rugs at least a 100 times, as we examined and reexamined every detail in every picture. We perched her on narrow ledges and asked her to balance in two toes, we might have even asked her to hang from the roof – she did it all, with a smile. We made her click till her fingers just refused to do so anymore. All the pictures you will be seeing in the posts that follow are Carishma’s genius at work.

Pune top fashion blogs

Coming Next Week

I think this is the longest post I have written in a very long time, but such is the enormity of this collaborative piece of art. And to think it all started with a teeny tiny idea over a cup of green tea. This idea was then pickled with our love, heart, soul and mind. It took over 50 emails, 1000’s of WhatsApp messages, a few hours on the phone and a lot more green tea to actually turn this idea into reality.

The results are something we are all proud of and something I cannot wait to share with you…over the next week I will be disclosing all the looks – the beautiful Mogra dresses, envious Aaraa jewellery, our stunning models who happen to be ordinary Pune girls and yet extraordinary in every right, the genius of Carishma’s photography and a little bit of me somewhere in the mix.

So make sure you come back, as we unravel the results of this collaboration a little bit at a time and relive all the precious moments.



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