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In the last post I gave you a tiny peek into a gorgeous Saturday that I spent with 5 enormously talented ladies, while bringing to life this collaborative effort. A tiny idea grew wings and decided to fly its own path.. Starting with this post, I slowly reveal the results of our labour of love..

So without further ado..

The Model : Krithika Gopalkrishnan Iyer

She walks in, like she just walked out of a history book on Greek Goddesses, she radiates warmth and a golden glow, it almost seems like she has an orb of pixie dust surrounding her, golden speckles that shimmer in the sunlight and cast a magical spell. She is extremely good looking, well read, well spoken, well dressed, well mannered and well…clearly I am smitten, not just with her beauty but with the confidence and inspiration she brings along.

If ever there was an epitome of beauty (inside and out) and brain – Krithika, is it. A fine young woman, a role model, with so much to give to the world. I do hope someday my daughter grows up to be a little like Krithika.

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The Clothes : Mogra by Sheena

There are so many reasons I love Mogra -

They are wearable and yet stylish

They blend in and yet have this unique ability to stand out

They say Indian and yet have an international bohemian soul

The fabrics used have been responsibly sourced from Bagh, a village in MP, where the entire printing process is done by hand. The fabric is pure cotton and the printing is done using 100% natural vegetable and mineral dyes – sounds like music to my ears :)

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The Jewellery : Aaraa by Avantika

Aaraa was the perfect partner for this wonderful collaborative process, it symbolizes modernity while still retaining our traditional Indianess. Aaraa’s breath ta-kingly beautiful pieces  helped complete the looks creating a uniqueness perfect for this collaboration.

The Makeup

There was none. Krithika’s chiseled face and bronzed skin required no make up and no post production editing either. There is just a hint of lipstick and nothing else. The looks are raw, earthy and natural keeping with the design sensibility of Mogra and Aaraa.

The pieces on Krithika

Look1 :

Dress : Mogra’s Blush Block Printed Dress

The dress features  crisscross tipups along the sleeves with pretty ghungroo detailing.

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From the Abhushana and Kajrare collection respectively.  The highlight of the Abhushan bracelet, lies in the minute detailing of several tiny silver rings soldered/joined together to form the complete bracelet.

The Kajrare bracelet showcases intricate craftsmanship with these mystical three dimensional forms coming together to bring out a bold and grunge look.

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Look2 : Aztec Block Printed Kaftan top

The top has delicate ghungroo details along the sleeve hem and a plunging neckline which can be customized.

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Tribal Cuff :

The cuff has been created using different jewellery making and surface embellishment techniques. It is handcrafted using different textures giving them an innate, native and ethnic look.

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 Photography : Carishma Roy

Some people find inspiration in books, learning through words written by experienced others.

Some people find inspiration in forgotten alleys and dusty windows.

Some people find inspiration in the sound of the sea and the canopy of the stars.

And some people like me, find inspiration in other women, in moments when they cross paths and life gives us an opportunity to dream and help dreams come true.

Make sure you come back as I reveal the next set of looks :)




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