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Life has become such a whirlwind these days, we all have so much going on, all the time that I find it difficult to make time for peace and calm. It is at times like these that I find solace in experiences that help transport me into a fantasy land, even if just momentarily, escaping into a world of dreams and untold stories is something I thrive on.

This whole collaborative process that I shared with you here and here, has given me just that, a chance to chase dreams, a chance to find inspiration and a chance to piece together some untold stories.

In the last post I shared Krithikas bohemian looks and this post is all about Damini

Pune top fashion blogs India

The Model : Damini Oberoi

The first time I met Damini, I was struck by those deep dreamy light eyes and the mirror of perfection that she always is. The more I met her, the more I started to love her, she is talented, ambitious, hardworking, extremely at ease with people, a perfectionist at everything, but the word that describes her best is  - Multitasker.

As the founder of a PR and event management company, creating strategies for brands, dealing with the whims of high profile celebrities and unreliable workers, having graphics designed for the most stunning invites, promoting events, tasting menu’s, planning  breathtakingly perfect Big Fat Indian weddings, keeping Bridezillas happy and adding the very personal ‘Damini finishing touches’ to everything she takes on – it is all in a days work for this petite beauty, and, she does it all with a smile on her lips, a twinkle in her eyes, passion in her heart, a fabulous dress on these toned curves and high heels on those feet.

I just dont know how she does it all and that too with so much grace and poise, clearly I have a lot to learn..

Pune top fashion blogs India

Look 1 

The Dress : Peacock block print kali dress, with a deep back and minimal gold bead detailing. It is printed with abstract peacock motifs and flares out beautifully at the waist.

Pune top fashion blogs India

The Jewellery : Silver statement earnings with vintage motif and ghungroos at the end. When the accessory is this stunning, just one is enough to carry everything to a whole new level.

Pune top fashion blogs India

Look 2

The Skirt : The midnight black block printed Banjaran Skirt, perfect for the sunny days ahead. Crafted from pure light weight cotton, the skirt has gathers at the waist. The unique blueish black colour is acheived with an all natural mixture of iron rust and tamarind.

Pune top fashion blogs India

The Necklaces :

 Dash of Chic’ – the colourful odyssey , a collection of very vibrant hued neckpieces and bracelets made with multicoloured semiprecious gemstones. The collection reflects the onset of the vivid season of Spring Summer. Thew collection plays with naturally occurring Agates. The play with colours creates a trendy statement.
Long Necklace: Created using Red Bamboo coral and dyed green Agates.
Short Necklace: Created using Lapis Lazuli tube beads and gold plated pyrite beads.
Bangles : All created from silver with an antique finish, the bangles showcase various techniques and methods of embellishing to create a visual treat.
Pune top fashion blogs India
Apparel : Mogra by Sheena
Jewellery : Aaraa by Avantika
Photography : Carishma Roy


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