Sharing Some Pretty Secrets …Shhh!!


Secrets are a part of everyday human life, we keep secrets from family, from friends even from ourselves. We keep secrets to protect, we keep them to hurt, to have fun, to save us some trouble or even to steal a sick day for a movie date. The reasons are many and so are the effects, keeping a secret can feel like a guilt trip, it could feel safe, liberating, thrilling or like an adventure. Sharing them can be equal amounts, relief or fear.

So whatever your reason to keep a secret or share it I know one thing for sure, there is something sacred about sharing a secret, in that one moment there is complete and utter trust between two people. It is the most human form of interaction, whether it happens in a state of drunken stupor or complete composure, it is sacred, and it has the ability to transform relationships, sometimes for the better sometimes for worse. review

You have been such a big part of my journey, my blog and my life, I think the time is ripe for us to share some secrets, some PrettySecrets :)

This box of pretty secrets arrived at my doorstep in a gorgeous pink box, with layers of delicate romantic paper protecting, while also revealing a hint of what lay inside. A part of me just wanted to admire the beauty and detail of the packaging while the other part of me wanted to tear it up and dig right in. review Review

Fiery red, pretty pink and tangy orange are the colours that greeted and delighted me on opening the prettysecrets box. With summer making its presence known and travels to destinations with sand, sea and sun on my itinerary, new swimwear additions were the order of the season. So I got one and then I got another one and then I decided to indulge myself a little more and got some essential shape-wear too.

So here is a look inside my PrettySecrets box.

Swimwear From

I got this beautiful red swimsuit, which is padded, has a beautiful design, has ruching at the right places (read tummy area) and a very feminine sweetheart neckline. review

The other one I got, is the prettiest colour combination, pink and orange, very desi, which I love. Its a halter neck with lace details at the waist making it look like a very trendy outfit in itself, just throw on a pair of shorts or a skirt and you could be the heartbreaker and headturner at any party.

Now lets come to the back of this little baby, its the sexiest thing ever. Who says you need a bikini to look sexy strolling down the beach, this one piece can put any bikini to shame and that too in the classiest way. review

Also included in my package was some shapewear, which is an absolute must in EVERY girls wardrobe, not convinced?? Read this.

This is the first time I shopped at PrettySecrets and the experience blew me away. The shapewear and the swimwear are top quality at top prices. The swimwear I got is so unbelievable trendy and cute that I almost feel the need to pinch myself to believe the prices I got them for.

Trust me, I have looked high and low for fun swimwear (not sleezy) at fun prices, if they are fun they are way too expensive, if they are affordable they are super boring and the rest are just way too racy for me. At prettysecrets I found my perfect combination. review


If I could muster a little more courage and confidence, I would have also got this fun, high waist, polka dot bikini and transported myself to the 70′s singing “and it was an itsy bitsy (not really) polka dot bikini”



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