5 Lakme Fashion Week Designer Looks Recreated On A Budget

There is something about fashion week season that is very exciting to me – the buzz in the air, pretty people all around, whimsical clothes, a curious sense of style – it’s an eclectic mix of all the things I love.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a part of that endless sea of people, the crowd of curious onlookers that gathers around all things fashionable. I have been a part of that crowd, craning my neck, jumping up high and squeezing through sweaty armpits, just to try and get a glimpse of the beautiful world that lay inside.

I would eagerly wait for the fashion week, special editions, of my favourite magazines, staying lost in them for days and months, soaking in every tiny detail and weaving fancy fashion dreams of someday being a part of the mayhem called fashion week.

Lakme Fashion Weeks Street Style

I would conjure up scenarios and situations that could somehow magically transport me into this glitzy creative world that was alien to me and yet was such a big part of me. All these scenarios were impractical, unthinkable and outright dumb – Cinderella’s fairy Godmother and a knight in shining armor riding a white horse, would take turns to be the instruments that would help me get to fashion week.

Surprise surprise!! After years of endless dreaming and yearning, this blog and your support have given me a chance to be a part of fashion week. The first season I attended was thrilling, I was ecstatic, I just stood still while the rest of the fashion world whizzed past all around me, finally my world and the fashion world found a way to collide, I could feel the energy in every cell of my body.


Lakme Fashion Weeks Street Style

This season however I could not make it to Mumbai, I missed the action but not the inspiration. I decided to bring fashion week to LookingGoodFeelingFab in a slightly different and more twisted way this time around.

I took one look each from 5 designers and tried to recreate them using pieces from my closet, I tried to come as close as possible to the designer looks, restricting myself to the confines of my experimental closet.

It was a super fun process and I was surprised with the results..

How did I fare..I don’t know..you tell me..

Go on watch the video..and once you are done, leave a comment below telling me which your favourite look was..


  • Anita Arumugam says:

    so cool. from where did you get the first outfit? the blue one

  • Gayathri says:

    Wow!! Your posts are so unique. I am a regular at your blog but this is the first time I am commenting . I really really liked the first look. You have put in so much efforts to recreate each look. Hats off .

  • Priety says:

    Hey, let me tell you , you are supremely talented and the effort you put in shows. You blog posts are very unique and not just put for the sake of doing so, I am disappointed though to see only a few comments , you deserve a lot more love:)

  • Ayshu says:

    Hii !!
    I have been following your blog for quite sometime now.
    This video is your best till date !!
    I can see such increase in your confidence !! Soo happy for you !!
    Keep making more videos :D

  • Anwiti says:

    Hey Abhilasha..
    Kudos for your wonderful effort and you really nailed it. (Y)

    I am new to your blog and I came to know about you through Nisha Rajpal. and I really enjoy to invest time on your posts and their different flavors… :)
    will be waiting for your next Post..


    • Thank you Anwiti..so nice of you to leave ur lovely comment…so so encouraging for me :) Thank you..pls do keep coming back :) And Nisha aunty is such an inspiration..so gorgeous inside out..

      • Anwiti says:

        Welcome.. and Thanks to you again :)
        It was really a great pleasure to know about Pune treasures in every aspect via your posts.
        It has motivated me to explore the places more and more.. :)
        and very true Nisha aunty is role model for us.
        Hope to see you frequently :)

  • Alina says:

    Ahah so cool! I really enjoy your video! A good way to show how we can wear designers outfits on a 0 budget! And like the others, I prefer the first look, you look amazing on it! Thank you and keep sharing! :)

  • Tejashree Ravindrakumar says:

    Hi Abhilasha..
    Totally loved this post.:-)*kudos*
    I do follow ur blog often and really love your outfil post, they r so wearable and easy to carry around.
    Thank u so much for putting simple and pretty things together for readers..

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