Kiehl’s Pune Launch

Skin Agony

I have had problem free skin most of my life, I got through my teens without having to deal with a single pimple, I spent lazy afternoons on Goa’s beaches without any burns, I even got through 2 pregnancies without doing my skin much damage. Just when I was starting to get a little smug, it hit me – skin agony in all its glory. The last one year has not been great skin wise, if I am not desperately trying to calm a flaring breakout, threatening to rear its ugly head just in time for a major event, I am furiously applying masks to heal those stubborn acne scars and just when I start to feel a little triumphant a tiny nascent bump makes its presence felt, under my skin, my heart sinks and the vicious cycle begins again.

Kiehl's Pune

Anyone who has dealt with bad skin knows just how devastating it can be and so do the marketers, they build product claims around our insecurities and even the smartest of us fall into the trap. Pushy sales heads, insistent skin technicians, magical ads and a dozen half used bottles of expensive products, with tall claims and pretty bottles are enough to tell you my skin story. Which is why I made a very conscious decision to stop stone cold and give my skin and body a chance to heal inside out. Its been tough and a visit to the mall does not make things easier either.

Kiehl's Pune

 Every mall visit, Kiehl’s and I would exchange stolen glances, God know home much every cell in my body would try dragging me into the gorgeous store and how much self control I had to exert to try and resist – tough testing times I must say. But like they say, “if you want something bad enough, the universe makes it happen”, and so it happened. An invite to be a part of the Kiehl’s launch party – a little mid week indulgence, cupcakes, live music, skin talk, beautiful company and a chance to finally experience the store, guilt free – how could I say no.

The launch, like everything else that Carpe Diem associates itself with, was fantastic – great conversations, yumm food, wine, brilliant products and excellent attendance.

Kiehl's Pune

(with fellow bloggers June and Sheena)

The Kiehl’s Experience

It turned out to be an afternoon that I did not just enjoy, but I also came out a little wiser. Kiehl’s surprised me in more ways that one.

1. An obsessive lover of vintage that I am, Kiehl’s had me at – New York + 1851 + old world apothecary, I can almost feel that 50′s charm even before I can spell the words out.

2. The store is beautiful and fuss free so are the people in the store. The Kiehl’s team is passionate, well informed, helpful and are there to assist us make the right choice and not push products to reach sales targets. The Kiehl’s team will talk to you and not stalk you the entire time you are there.

3. The packaging is clean, simple and precise. The packaging, like the brand itself, is unlikely to play tricks on your senses, luring you into buying expensive products just for a pretty looking jar.

Kiehl's Pune

4. The Kiehl’s branding is genius, its pure joy to be surrounded by Kiehl’s products, people and its passion for taking skin care to a new level.

5. Once you enter the store, you will not leave empty handed. Wait wait…no they will not hold you at gunpoint till you pull out your credit card, but they will give you a free skin consultation, 3 product samples as per your skins needs (the samples will last you 5 days) and a big grateful smile. Yes all this even if you choose to keep your purse under lock and key, safely tucked under your arm.

Kiehl's Pune

So yes, I came back having overcome my recently acquired fear of being emotionally blackmailed into buying expensive products with fairy-tale like unrealistic dreams. It was a wonderful afternoon with a little history, a little science and a whole lot of fun, trademark Kiehl’s and Carpe Diem style.

Kiehl's Pune

I am now looking forward to trying out the goodies that the generous people at Kiehl’s sent me home with.

Kiehl’s launch Pune

Phoenix Marketcity Pune



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