Katrina In Ports 1961 Goes Missing

So I am not one to write about Bollywood much, unless its a fabulous look that stirs things up and makes me lust.. Last night I saw pictures of an event and thought Katrina Kaif looked stunning on the red carpet in a gorgeous Ports 1961 strapless gown.

This morning I woke up news of the gorgeous lady being missing, breaking the internet.


 Katrina Missing

Yeah I know you are thinking what I am thinking, “how can someone who leads such a public life, just vanish from the face of the Earth?” so obviously I did not believe it at first but its all over twitter. The fans are delirious, her friends are worried and her manager and entourage is frantically  fire fighting and hoping for some news to emerge.

Some say the lady just needed a break so decided to do a disappearing act, a skill she might have acquired on the sets of Dhoom 3, others feel she is on an undercover mission, inspired by “Ek tha tiger”. There are those that feel she is off shooting for a secret new ad in an exotic location and then there are those skeptic media reporters who are convinced its all another publicity stunt, one says “she is possibly enjoying summer in a picturesque quite corner, eating mangoes and sipping on coolers, while we us run around, sweating bullets, collecting bytes from her reclusive celebrity friends.”

I for one have no clue where she is, but I am curious to find out. If you are too, join the quest with #KatrinaMissing and wait with baited breath as the mystery unfolds..

Is it going to be a new scandal, a new relationship, a new ad, a new movie, a new bikini…a new back breaking dance move??

I will be following this closely, will you??


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