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For as long as I can remember, I have preferred to work alone, in isolation, always preferring individual assignments over group assignments even in college. I did not know what I was missing till I collaborated with 5 other fantastic women to create some of my most memorable work, there were hick-ups, sudden roadblocks, there were moments when I found myself racking my brain over trying to understand the psychology of another, I was awestruck, I was amused, I was overjoyed and at times a little low, but overall I would say, it has been a huge learning experience for me. I learnt a little confidence, I learnt how to speak my mind without hurting anyone’s sentiments, I learnt to talk, I learnt to make friends, I learnt to believe in myself a little more..I learnt a lot and continue to learn..

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As I post the last post in the ‘collaboration series’, I want to thank the lovely ladies, all very busy, all successful, immensely talented and all from very diverse walks of life, Sheena (Mogra), Avantika (Aaraa), Carishma (the genius photographer), Krithika (The beauty and the brain) and Damini (The light eyed, multitasker), for being a part of this journey and for providing so much energy and inspiration.

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In this post a few fun facts, fun times and some of my favourite pictures..

The Fun Facts

1. The cops paid us a visit mid way through the shoot, 6 girls, a big DSLR and a frenzy of activity in an a deserted area with multiple broken down houses, fishy enough for the cops to drop by. We managed to convince them that we were college kids working on a project. Having an all girls team made things easier, yay to girl power!!

2. While we were shooting with Damini,we were photo bombed by a herd of sheep. I know you are going “awww so cute”, trust me, they look cute from a distance, a 100 of them charging at you, curious and amused, can be very scary.


3. The talented model that Krithika is, managed to finish her shots in what seemed like 10 seconds. While I awkwardly played with my arms for hours, not knowing what to do with them and how to place them, Krithika walked in placed her hand on her head and made it look matter what she did, it worked, like magic, and I just stared in utter amusement and embarrassment.

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4. Talking about Krithika, her instagram bio reads “full-time turtle and hedgehog stunt-double trainer”. Sheena, conveniently read only part of it and made us all believe that a stunt double trainer was going to be our model, how cool is that!! When I asked Krithika how she got into the cool world of stunts, she started at me in disbelief and laughed hysterically for hours before telling me about the turtle and hedgehog bit. Hehe.

5. Somehow my attempt at apeing the deadpan pouty look, models do all the time, appeared “angry” to Carishma. She kept saying ” dont look so angry” and I kept thinking ” I am trying to go for sexy”.

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6. Did you know, the cotton fabric used for these dresses is washed with a mixture of goat poop, castor oil and santoor, before it goes for printing? I know you are going “whyyyy”, well the mix softens the fabric which helps ensure that colour reached right till the end of each strand. As natural and organic as it gets!! :)

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7. Damini was unwell and yet she shot for 3 hours without a complain. Did I not tell you she is a perfectionist!

8. We did a couple of outfit changes in the car, something I had never ever done before. The car was covered with multiple bed-sheets, turning it into a very suspicious looking alien spaceship, being guarded by 5 girls. Obviously, it aroused the interest of many passersby.

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9. There was very little to no makeup involved in the shoot, even the hair was left natural.

10. We got really lucky, we finished our shoot by 12:30pm and by 4:00pm it started pouring and did not stop for the next two days.

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All six of us never really got a chance to meet each other before the shoot, some of us had met, but most of this process happened online. Inspite of never having met to discuss looks and the styling, surprisingly it all came together beautifully on the Dday. Like Avantika put it “it fell into place like it was always meant to be”.

I hope you enjoyed this process as much as I did.

Thank you again

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