Video : 5 Ways Of Wearing 1 Dress

Thrift Shopping

They say “the thrill is in the hunt, in the chase” and I could not agree more. The thrill of hunting down a bargain and chasing down a trend is unmatched. The adrenalin rush when I find a pastel sheer dress in the pile of clothes dumped in a box placed on the footpath or the delight I experience when I bag a trendy crop top, I have been eyeing for months, at a crazy slashed down rate – these are moments to be cherished.

If only I could preserve those elated emotions, if only I could bottle up that delicious cocktail of happy hormones..But unfortunately like most good things that feeling must end too.. For me it starts dying once I have worn the piece a few times, the magic starts to vain and I start looking for the next hunt. Signs of a serial shopper..I know!! I agree!!

But recently I have acquired another skill, another thrill, one that has the potential to save me a ton of money and might even help me escape old age dementia, thanks the brain exercise I get practicing my new sport.

1 dress 5 ways

I am talking about learning to reinvent the pieces I have lovingly and longingly acquired, as I delve deeper into this science and sharpen my skills, I cannot help but feel awestruck and amazed at just how much potential each dress and each shirt in my closet has..with a little creativity we can give those old boring pieces a fancy makeover..

Dont believe me..?? or even if you do believe me..

You must watch this video..

1 Dress 5 Ways To Wear It

The hero or rather the heroine of this video is a rather humble polka dot dress I picked up from a road side vendor for just..

wait for it..

Rs 300!!!

I style this dress in 5 different ways…just to get us all inspired to dig deep into our closets for those long forgotten pretty pieces sitting ignored in a dusty corner.

I hope you enjoyed the leave a comment telling me which look you liked the most..

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1 jacket 3 ways of wearing it





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