Pune : Changing Season, Changing Fashion

Pune Fashion

Over the past week I have been enjoying observing and appreciating the changes that the rising temperatures are bringing about. The leaves turned red and fell to the ground, while new shoots and buds started to appear, the wind changed direction and while at it, gathered some fragrance, friends huddled in cozy cafe corners moved indoors for some respite and traded their warm cups of tea for some freezing coolers, the layers of clothing have been shed and light breezy fabrics have taken their place.

Pune Fashion

Pune is blessed with great weather and a very fashion aware population, we have a mix of everything, the traditional Navari’s, the Pune handloom suits, dhotis and topis or even the high fashion cosmopolitan crowd that throngs colleges and hip corners of the city, like Koregaon Park.

Pune Fashion

To honour a fashion loving city like ours and to get the mercury soaring even further, Max Fashion Icon 2015 is paying Pune a visit for the next round of auditions, on 26th Feb at Seasons Mall. It is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring models and fashion enthusiasts to showcase their talent and put their best foot forward into the competitive and glamorous world of fashion. Register here.

Max Fashion Icon 2015

For a fashion lover like me an event like this is the perfect excuse to forget all else, just sit under the shade of a tree and watch the city’s beautiful people go by. Observing fashion trends, colours and trying to decode complex fashion personalities like a skilled mathematician would solve a mind boggling algebra equation, is my favourite thing to do. So, if like me you do not satisfy the criteria to participate in Max Fashion Icon 2015, just come by to sit with me and watch young models strut down the runway or chat with your favourite celebrities who are rumored to be present.

Pune Fashion

Hmmm..clearly I am distracted and excited about this fun fashion event that is about to hit the city…but coming back to my summer fashion..

The first piece of clothing I enjoy putting away is the thick pair of jeans, that pretty much is winter uniform for us here in Pune. The thought of putting on jeans in the midst of summer reminds me of college days, when, thanks to an unimaginative sense of style, jeans would be worn every day, I would feel sweat trickling down the back of my legs as I tried to concentrate on Chemistry lab experiments, or those long Kinetic rides, at the end of which my jeans would be uncomfortable and soaking wet, with sweat, ughh!!.

Pune Fashion

Luckily, my fashion and that of Pune’s has evolved considerably and now, once Summer sets in we bring out fun cotton pants, dresses, skirts and sarees out to play.  One of the biggest trend this season is bringing the 70′s back in full swing with bright bell-bottoms in comfy fabrics. I have welcomed this trend with an open mind and an open heart, so I asked the neighborhood mens tailor to stitch me some old fashioned pants in the brightest red cotton I could find.

It was love at first wear, I have to say, there is something about flared pants, they make you look skimmer and feel taller, yay!!! to both, who does not want that!!??

Pune Fashion

So if you are visiting Pune make sure you carry some super fun trendy bell-bottoms with you, to fit right into the trendy Puneri street crowds and don’t miss the Max Fashion Icon 2015′s Pune leg.

Photography Credit : Saurabh Botre Instagram : @blackdogfoe



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