Farewell Winter

Top Fashion Blogs India : LookingGoodFeelingFab

January has been pretty kind and LookingGoodFeelingFab has enjoyed its few moments of fame thanks to making it to two coveted lists..

1. 15 best fashion blogs in India – Coupondunia

2. 16 Indian fashion bloggers that are slaying this tropical winter – Buzzfeed

So January has been good, the blog stats graph that had been experiencing a really flat plateau, saw a surge of visitors who pushed the graph in the upward direction and made me really happy.

top indian fashion blogs

January also gave Pune a pretty cold winter, a freezing 10 degree celsius, ok stop laughing, I know you guys in NewYork and Delhi are rolling your eyes, but by our standards this is freeeezzinggg and this is when we bring out our fur coats and our tallest boots, yup at  10 degrees. So, once I was done complaining and cribbing about the dipping mercury, I did get a week or so to play winter with all my might, I layered up in fur and leather, I even brought out my fringe blanket coat, wool dress and even stockings, yes I did, at 10 degrees.

top indian fashion blogs

But just when I started to enjoy my winter games, the weather decided to stop playing, the temperature stopped dipping and I found myself happily racing towards summer dreams. It is thanks to my impatience that one heavy duty winter post I shot in January, got sidelined and lost in a cold corner of my ‘blog’ folder, while I happily went shopping and preparing for Spring.

top indian fashion blogs

So, before the Summer heat hits us with all its fury and even the sight of a coat makes us break into a sweat, I decided to put this post up and let it have its moment in the limelight.

top indian fashion blogs

With this very wintery post, winter I bid thee farewell, from here on now we prepare to embrace Summer, skirts and ice-creams..

Photography Credit : Saurabh Botre Instagram : @blackdogfoe

Top Indian Fashion Blogs


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  • Soujanya says:

    Congratulations for featuring on so many top lists! Your style is truly unique and wearable. I am totally going to copy the jacket with lehenga idea. Maybe jacket with a saree! :)

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