Marc Robinson And His Lessons In Success

Max Fashion Icon Pune

There are a number of reasons to want to attend a glamorous fashion event like Max Fashion Icon. Most of them centre around glamour – the pretty girls, the long legs, tiny shorts, high heels, the handsome men, sexy stubble’s, the attitudes, the swagger, the lights, the glitzy runway and the flashes all around – there is something about this mix that ensures you have a good time. But the Max Fashion Icon 2015, Pune audition also happened to be one of those rare fashion events, where I not just enjoyed the glitz but I also came home a little wiser, and that is why it holds a special place in my heart.

Max Fashion Icon Pune

Let me start from the start though…

Even the very first time that I visited the Max Fashion store here in Pune, I was impressed, very impressed with the collection, the display and most importantly the price tags. I knew right then that Max Fashion and I had a lot in common, a keen eye for observing trends and a passion for making them available to everyone at an affordable price. There were many reasons to love Max Fashion, and now there are more, they have a fantastic team that was such a pleasure to interact with, there is a passionate energy for the brand that is palpable and so infectious. Even the concept of Max Fashion Icon, giving aspiring models a platform to learn, grow and take that leap into the world of fashion is laudable.

Max Fashion Icon Pune

The event itself had been meticulously planned and executed to perfection. There was a whirlwind of activity surrounding the event, but an observer would get not a whiff of it. It was punctual, smooth and a pleasure to witness.

I had a chance to interact with some of the judges and the participants, all of whom were polite, gracious, enthusiastic and stunning.

Sophie Chaudhary, was the first judge to walk in, elegantly dressed in a fitted pencil skirt, crop top, feet numbing kind of killer heels and those signature waves in the hair that evoke 70′s glamour. She said that she was thrilled to be in Pune, having started this year in the city and was eager to see what Pune had in store for the world of fashion.

Max Fashion Icon Pune

Marc Robinson & His Success Mantra

Lets talk about Marc Robinson now, the guy is a powerhouse of energy and passion, he is polite, a thorough gentleman, super charming, disarmingly good looking, well dressed, well get the picture right? Yeah I know I am smitten :)

But to add to all this, he was smart, intelligent and said a few things that made me think….

Max Fashion Icon Pune

LGFF : “Marc you have been in this industry for very long, tell me what separates the cream from the crop? All of them have the basics, the good                        looks, the bodies, the height and yet some become superstars while the rest remain names to be forgotten.”

Marc : “Success comes to those, who have much more than the basics, they have personality, they have confidence, they have charm and they have                this aura around them that leaves people wanting more. When a good looking person walks into a room, heads turn, and that is the easy bit,                  what is  more important is to keep those heads turning, and that comes through the personality.”

“What is also immensely important is an ability to network. Networking is the single most important skill everyone needs to have.”

LGFF : “Personality, confidence, charm and an ability to network, are these skills you are born with?”

Marc : “Yes you are born with these skills, but they need to be nurtured and perfected.”

LGFF: “Can they also be acquired if you are not born with it?”

Marc : “Yes of-course they can be learnt and acquired.”

LGFF : “Ahhh, thank you, that gives me hope.”

All in all it was an evening that will always be special for me.

Not just because I got to rub shoulders with stunning celebrities.

Not just because I met some of the people behind Max Fashion.

Not even because of the glamorous models, their long legs and chiseled features.

But because there is a passion that I sensed some of which I secretly smuggled to inject into Looking Good Feeling Fab.

Because lets face it, its not just about the fashion but about the passion we bring into it.

Max Fashion Icon 2015. Pune.

Photography : A new friend and the sweetest guy Ron

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