Max Fashion Icon India 2015

I distinctly remember when I was 18, yes it was cool to be 18 even then, but it definitely is way cooler today. At 18 I was lost, confused and utterly torn between what my parents wanted me to do and what I wished to experiment with. There was no room for experiments then and neither was there a credible platform for one to decide which direction to take. So I did what every 18 year old did, engineering or medicine followed by a desk job.

Things are different today though, today at 18 you could be studying to be an engineer while touring across the country with a rock band as their lead singer, You could be a literature student who happens to be a fitness trainer and athlete, or maybe you play with chemicals in a lab by day while preparing for Max Fashion Icon alongside. If you are 18 the possibilities are endless and being a part of Max Fashion Icon India 2015 could be one such life changing possibility.

Max Fashion Icon 2015

Max Fashion Icon India 2015

Max fashion that is synonymous with making hi-fashion trendy clothes available at pocket friendly prices, has also gathered a reputation for launching hi-flying careers through the Max Fashion Icon.

Max Fashion Icon 2015

If you are an Indian between the ages of 18 to 23, not married, have a models height (5’6” girls & 5’10” guys) and nurture dreams of the runway you need to rush and register for the Max Fashion Icon India 2015.

MFI audition details:

Lucknow      21st Feb           FUN REPUBLIC MALL

Pune             26th Feb          SEASONS MALL

Hyderabad  7th March     FORUM MALL

Bhopal         14th March    DB CITY

Once qualified, contestants are groomed by stalwarts from the modelling and fashion industry – an opportunity of a lifetime, I say. You will get a chance to rub shoulders with models, celebrities and veterans like Marc Robinson who is the project head of Max Fashion Icon, 2015

If ever there was a perfect stepping stone into the world of lights, glamour and fashion, this is it.

Like they say “dreams become reality when intentions become actions”.

Max Fashion Icon 2015

So what are you waiting for, Max Fashion Icon is your chance to turn those dreams to reality.


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