Lucknow And Its Culture Of Nawabi Fashion

The moment that you set foot on the soil of the city called Lucknow, you are struck by the people, the rich heritage that is obvious in everything Lucknowi and the language, which seems less like a language and more like poetry. A poem that sings of Lucknow’s adab and tehzeeb, of its nawabs and their loves, of its lazeez kebabs and their lingering taste, of nawabi fashion, the intricate chikan and the elaborate zardosi.

Lucknow food fashion culture

Lucknow’s contributions to Indian culture are many- art, politics, religion, architecture, food, sport, fashion and a famously lavish lifestyle. Needless to say what interests me the most is Lucknow’s inimitable stamp on Indian fashion with the kebabs not being far behind. Lucknow has given Indian fashion the chikankari and the zardosi, not just the technique but also skilled artisans for whom passion for the art is inherent in the blood. It is no wonder that Indian fashion designers and celebrities have always had a fascination with chikankari and zardosi.

Lucknow food fashion culture


Deepika Padkone style

The era of the Nawab’s had a major impact on the evolution of Indian textile and fashion. As the Nawabs got richer, they spent elaborate amounts of money on their dresses. Needless to say the Begums were not far behind and the emphasis on costumes and textiles soon trickled down to the people of Lucknow.

Lucknow food fashion culture


Even after centuries the Nawabi way of dressing is an inherent part of Lucknows culture. Whether Lucknow chooses to shop in the malls, local Chikankari boutiques or the deals at Bhoothnath Market, it still retains its rich heritage of design and the art of putting it all together to create a distinctly royal Nawabi look.

Lucknow food fashion culture

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Max Fashion Icon 2015

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