Sale Haul Video : Jan 2015

Sale Shopping Haul

There are people who will run across the country to experience a high, there are others who need a new lover every month to keep the adrenalin pumping and then there are those who need to snort a few lines of cocaine to feel in control. Fortunately or unfortunately, my drug of choice – thrift shopping, has become far too easily accessible for the good of my wallet.

Gone are the days when fights and feelings would stay bottled up, left on slow simmer for days, till I could hold it in no more and an opportunity for an outlet would become a necessity for survival. I would then strategize  and reorganize my life till I could make room for a trip to the local market. That rickshaw ride down dusty crowded roads, rubbing shoulders with fellow shoppers, bargaining with relentless merchants and gulping down a few paanipuris some where in between. This little outing would help me forget all else, those pretty packets tucked under my arm would help soothe frayed nerves and that panipuri would help douse the fury of feelings inside me.

Ahhh those were the days..

Today though shopping has become far too easily accessible, a stressful presentation that needs preparation and I find myself staring at skirts on koovs instead of analyzing excel sheets. When the kids start crying, screaming and threatening to kill each other I seem to drift into a world of beautiful oblivion, a world of colourful Kate Spade accessories. When the weighing scale starts to tip in the wrong direction I find motivation by shopping the Nike site and when the dreaded writers block comes in the way I find that shopping for some books with pretty covers helps clear even the most stubborn road blocks.

You get the picture..right??

India sale shopping haul koovs myntra vajor

So when sale season hits, you can imagine my plight, a traffic jam, an unexpected bill, a pimple, periods, an absent maid or even a leaking tap can quickly turn into a shopping binge.

But I try and I try hard to be sensible and to beat the marketers at their own game..a few things that have helped are..

1. Post-its at all the trigger points, on the mouse, the keypad, the screen and the phone saying “don’t let them fool you”. These notes are very helpful, just as helpful as those “please flush after use” notes stuck on every door of every Indian public toilet. No wonder they are so clean.

2. I do hide my credit card after the first day of the westside and zara sale, if only I could now disable the cash on delivery tab.

3. Before I hit the buy button, I stop, I breathe, I count till ten..hoping it would be ample time for better sense to prevail..but nopes, sense is no where in sight, instead I think of 5 other sale finds that would be perfect with that gorgeous dress in question..

Someone stop me :)

Koovs, Myntra, Vajor, Westside Sale Shopping Haul

So here is a look at my Jan 2015 sale purchases and in my defense these were all great bargains, most were under Rs500 and none were over Rs1000. Tell me all about your sale shopping experiences and favorites..

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