Brazilian Bikini Waxing : The Whole Truth

Brazilian Bikini Waxing : Everything You Wanted To Know

There are some questions we all want answers to – What does Salman Khan wear to bed? Has Anushka Sharma gone under the knife? Do Aishwarya Rai and Jaya Bachan get along? or Just how much does getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax hurt? We all want these answers, but sometimes we don’t know who to ask and sometimes we don’t know how to ask these tricky, sometimes embarrassing questions without coming across as uncool or ignorant.

I might not have all the answers, but if you have been dying to know the real truth about the Brazilian Bikini Wax, you are in the right place. I am sitting down with a dear friend who swears by the Brazilian Bikini Wax, she has been doing it for 8 years and swears to never stop. So I am asking her all your embarrassing, curious and uncomfortable questions.

Brazilian Bikini Wax : The truth & FAQ's

Lets get started..

Brazilian Bikini Waxing : FAQ’s

When did you first hear about the Brazilian Bikini Wax?

Well, I had a friend from Bahrain who once told me that her cousins all wax down there. I was aghast and thought “why oh why would someone come up with such a painfully innovative way to torture themselves? Not for me. Never ever!!!” I had no idea what the process was called or how it was done, all I knew was that even the sound of it was utterly painful. I left it at that.

What made to try the Brazilian Wax then?

Ahhh, well, like they say “never say never”. Years later a friend mentioned that she tried it, she did it and recommended I try it. My first thought was “ohhhh it happens in India too” and then I thought “why not?”. I had been trimming or shaving, neither felt that good, shaving left me painfully uncomfortable for days and did nothing good for me, the growth just got thicker and I thought “why not?”

So what was the first time like?

It was awkward, painful and liberating – in that exact sequence.

Tell me more.

I did not jump into it, I visited the parlour a couple of times for a regular arm and leg wax. Once I was convinced that I was comfortable with the lady and the place, I carefully broached the subject, I acted totally ignorant and made her convince me to try it on my next visit.

The next visit was AWKWARD, but just for a few seconds.

Then the process started and it became PAINFUL, that lasted 5 minutes.

What I felt for a month post the process was freedom – it was LIBERATING and I fell in love with the feeling.

Ok so here is the most important question. How painful is it?

Hmm.. If labour and childbirth is a 10/10 then the first time Bikini Wax is about a 7/10. Labour goes on and on while the BBW is momentary, quick and fleeting pain, but those moments do hurt.

You have been doing it for years, does it get better – less painful?

Absolutely, if the first time is a 7/10 the fifth time will be 5/10 and by the 10th time it will be as routine and painless as getting your arms waxed. You get so used to it that it really becomes easy and painless.

Brazilian Bikini Wax : The truth & FAQ's

How does one prepare for a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

If you are very conscious, you might want to trim the first time around. However, remember that the hair needs to be at least 1/4th to 1/2 inch long to get a clean wax, else you will feel the pain and not see the results – which is not what we want. You could trim or shave, but do it at least 10 to 15 days before your waxing appointment.

How can you make the process less painful?

Once you start, just be consistent, do it like clockwork. The longer you let the hair grow the more painful it becomes. Also, do not shave, cut or trim once you are on this track.

Learn some deep breathing and be strong.

Any tips on selecting the place where you do it?

The place must be very hygienic, go with a place that has been tried and recommended by friends. Also, the person doing it needs to be skilled, very skilled – the first place I went to, each time I would do it I would breakout and get in-growth, I eventually tried another place and that is when I realised how important the person doing the pulling is. Dont shy away from asking for the person you are comfortable with.

I haven’t really seen the Brazilian Bikini Wax on parlour menu’s. Do you need to ask? And what do you ask?

Yes, you need to ask. The right question to ask would be ” I would like to get a Brazilian bikini wax / full bikini wax / pubic waxing done, do you offer the service here?”.

Can it be done at home?

Yes it can totally do it at home. After years of going to a parlour I have now become comfortable enough doing it at home. However, initially I would highly recommend getting it done by a trained experienced professional.

Can it be done during periods and pregnancy?

Yes It can. The area is a little more sensitive, read painful, during both these times.

Have you ever tried any other method you would recommend?

Shaving – Dont ever do it (mothers please do not allow your daughters to do it)

Waxing – Yes Yes Yes (It actually reduces growth over a period of time)

Laser – Yes, try it and see if it works for you. (I found it very painful + expensive + time consuming) but it works.

Parting words..

Tryyyy it, you will never look back and you will thank me for the rest of your life..

Thanks darling :)

So there you have it..

all the details, all the FAQ’s – The honest truth about The Brazilian Bikini Waxing.




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