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Whether you are wired to be an engineer or medicine runs in your blood, whether you were born with a brush in hand or with stilettos on your heels, there is one skill that every human must acquire, an art that must be learnt even if you are no artist – The art of giving. This one lesson when learnt and applied can singlehandedly bring joy to life, make every relationship more fulfilling and make every day worth living.

Best indian fashion blogs

One of the biggest perks of blogging, is the opportunity to meet people and learn from them, the blog brings with it a chance to build bonds and nurture them. People are of all types, no, not good or bad, they are all good, what differentiates them are their circumstances, their life experiences, their upbringing – some are guarded, some reluctant, some curious, some warm, some cold, some smile a lot, some cry easily, some are very practical while some are very observant.

Best indian fashion blogs

From all of them I learn something, some teach me what not to do while the others leave me awestruck, wanting to ape their every move, their every emotion. Of all the interactions, there are some that will forever remain etched in my heart, on closer analysis, there is one thing that they all have in common, they all happen to be generous people who have mastered the ART OF GIVING.

These giving women have become friends who I love to be with, have endless conversations with, learn from and share with. They leave me amazed, motivated, inspired and blessed for having attracted them into my life.

Best indian fashion blogs

When the act of giving is spurred by genuine love, and, when the act of receiving is filled with gratitude and appreciation, it creates a strong foundation that can weather any turmoil of life.

However, when the act of giving is spurred by expectation and the act of receiving is filled with greed, life quickly spirals down a very negative and unhappy path.

Best indian fashion blogs

The Outfit : Indian Fashion With A Twist

All the pieces used to create this outfit are special, they stand testimony to the giving nature of some very special friends in my life..

The dress reminds me of a girl for whom giving is second nature, her generosity left me overwhelmed the first time I met her and every time since. She has cemented Maya Angelou’s wise words in my soul ” People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Best indian fashion blogs

The pants take me back to good times spent with someone who is always forthcoming, she will share her knowledge, her resources and her experiences without holding anything back. ” What you share grows” and she is proof.

The clutch is proof of the fact that the beauty of your heart reflects not just on your face but also your work. A creation of love from two beautiful sisters who are always smiling and always a pleasure to be with.

Best indian fashion blogs

The look as a whole, has me yearning to travel to tiny cities and villages in India, explore every muddy road and photograph every coloured door along those dusty lanes. A dear darling friend of mine is currently exploring India and living my dream, 3am boat rides across the Ganges and midnight aarti at the ghat of Benaras, these unforgettable moments are what fill her days are filled with and she makes sure she shares it all with me, watsapping gorgeous pictures and vivid words, she gives all she can and expects nothing from me..but I do say a special prayer for her everyday, “may her every dream come true”.

My giving friends you have taught me much and I know there are still lessons to be learnt and memories to be created…Love you to bits..and thank you :)

The Dress (New Favourite) : Mogra 

The Clutch : Papillons Clutches

The Palazzo Pants : Westside (Rs799)

Juttis : Amritsar



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