Being Juliet – Period Subscription Box

Being Juliet – Period Subscription Box

They say each one of us has to suffer our destiny and for each one of us that destiny is different, but there is one thing we all need to suffer- women have to suffer it, while the men have to suffer the women – yeah, I am talking about ‘that time of the month’. I distinctly remember the day when God gave me the gift, the gift of periods, I felt like I had been ambushed, I felt cheated and I felt like life is unfair – I still feel all of that every month.

Now my husband says he suffers just as much as I do during those days, he claims that dealing with a cranky irrational wife is just as hard, but I don’t believe him. If there is even a single shred of truth in his tall claims, I say “why not do something about it instead of complaining”..

I am told “what can I do?”


All a girl needs is some love, sympathy, a little pampering, a tub of chocolate chip ice cream and a giant dose of tender loving care.

Well, lucky for us, there is a group of enterprising smart people who understand what a woman needs and what she appreciates. This savvy bunch of entrepreneurs decided to give us women just what we need in the form of a box, no not just any box, a box full of love, care and surprises, it arrives every month, like clock work, just before God’s gift to us women arrives.

Tadaaaa…introducing..India’s first period subscription box ‘Being Juliet’

Being Juliet - Period Subscription Box

Here are a few facts about the box

It contains the period essentials (sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampons) that you choose from among various options available. There is plenty of choice there, Whisper, Stayfree, Carefree, Sofy, Ria and OB, all available at your disposal for you to sample.

So now that we have taken care of the essentials, lets get to the fun part..

It comes with a lot of fun gifts and surprises that are thoughtful, practical and yet so much fun…just what a girl needs to feel special, pampered and all excited.

Here are some of the fun things I received with my essentials..

Being Juliet - Period Subscription Box

1. Nailpaint and lipstick, now which girl in her senses would say no to that, a great lipstick always brings a big smile on my lips :)

2. Potpourri, to smell the aroma of tender loving care.

3. Aijwain, which is a natural cure to drive away those nasty cramps.

4. Green Tea, now a hot cup of green tea can never go wrong.

5. Pee Buddy, lets talk about this one for a bit, hallelujah!! this works and how!! now you don’t need to sit on those unhygienic seats. As a child, I always thought it unfair that the guys could stand anywhere and pee while we girls needed to sit, not anymore though. This works perfectly, its great and I recommend every girl try it atleast once – for the fun of it.

Ok so these are just a few of the things I received in my box, its just such a great idea, I wish I had thought about it.

Being Juliet - Period Subscription Box

Who does not like a beautiful box neatly packed, delivered right at your door step, just when you need some positivity. So girls gift yourself and your BFF’s some love and guys go show your girlfriends and wives how much you care, subscribe once and earn brownie points every month..

Ahhh life could not get better..

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