Modern Muse : Indian Fashion 2015

Indian Fashion Goes Glam In 2015

Ahhhh, hello 2015, what do you have in store for us? It is the first post if the year and this is the question I am asking..

Will 2015 be productive or will it just slip by?

Will it make me wiser? Will I soak in 2015′s lessons or will I stay stuck and stubborn?

Will it bring new experiences my way and will I choose to experience those experiences?

Will it have interesting people cross my path and will I make them friends for life?

Indian Fashion : How to wear a lehenga

There is so much life throws at us, so many unexpected turns, dead ends, detours, endless uncertainties and yet there is so much that depends on us, how we make view each one of those uncertainties, how we react to them and how we utilize them.

There is so much that is not in our control and yet there is so much that is completely in our control.

It is all about learning, growing and enriching ourselves each day, each week and each year.

It is about (like my sister always tells me) changing our reaction to the same situations, only when our reaction changes will our situation change.

Indian Fashion : How to wear a lehenga

I am determined to make each day of 2015 count, truly experience something each day, learn each day and change my reactions each day..dream big in 2015, set huge goals and work on them bit by bit every day..

I had read some where that the secret to success is to be a chronic goal setter, to consistently set bigger and bigger goals for your life..

I have not been very good at this so far but I intend to try and change it this year, here are a few things I have read about goal setting, that might help us all..

Indian Fashion : How to wear a lehenga

Goal Setting – 7 Steps

1. Write out your goal as simply as possible. (those who write them down are more likely to achieve them, says a study)

2. Be clear about the motivation and why you would like to achieve the goal.

3. Write out 2 affirmations that will support the achievement of the goal.

4. Create a collage that depicts your goals, as if they have been achieved already.

5. Use all your senses to experience your goal as if it has been achieved already.

6. Determine what qualities and skills you need to hone to make the goal a reality. Or what improvements you need to make in your personality.

7. Break down the goal into small actionable steps and get working.

I hope all of you have a wonderful memorable 2015 that you look back at with fondness, love and pride.

Indian Fashion : Unlikely Combinations

Lehenga + Shirt + Traditional Jewels = Modern Indian Fashion

Indian Fashion : How to wear a lehenga

As for this outfit, I decided to start the year staying true to my style sensibility and doing what I enjoy doing most – giving traditional Indian wear a twist.

This lehenga is vintage, old, traditional to the core, vermilion red dotted with bandhani work and adorned with Kutch embroidery, lovingly embellished with mirrors and the passion of beautiful skilled hands. I paired it with a contemporary crisp black shirt, leaving the collars up to create a start contrast. The turban is a recent obsession and I am currently enjoying playing with all kinds of headgear.

Finished it off with some statement traditional jewellery typical of some regions of Madhya Pradesh and often seen at Goa flea markets too. It is a traditional craft, a treasure I have recently discovered and just cannot seem to get enough of.

Indian Fashion : How to wear a lehenga

I hope you enjoyed my contemporary take on our traditional Indian fashion :)

The post has been shot in Pune’s prettiest lanes, lane 4 and 5 Koregaon Park. It has been shot by 2 very talented guys Pranav Arwari and Gorkey Patwal who are both students and pursue photography as a passion, they do know a lot more about photography than some professional photographers I have come across :) Thank you guys.



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