My GetWear Customized Jeans Unveiled..

My Customized Jeans

Do you remember this post, the one in which I could not contain my excitement at having discovered , the website that customizes your jeans right down to the tiniest detail like the colour of the thread used. It goes without saying that I immediately decided to order myself a pair, and that was the easiest decision to make, because the barrage of utterly confusing decisions that followed were anything but easy.

Getwear leaves you spoilt for choice..

Bootcut or straight or skinny or..?

Black or iceblue or ..?

faded or worn out or ripped..?

Button fly, which buttons, zipper, rivets, threads, lining?? you get to choose all of that

or you could go in for the standard ready to ship designs to make life simpler, but what fun is simple?? Not much if you ask me..

GetWear Customized Jeans India

So I pondered over every little question and every detail and finally made up my mind. I went for black denims (coz I dont have a single black), bootcut (because that is my latest obsession, & I feel it makes me look taller), midrise (coz I am a mom and those low rise are just not practical), no rips (it makes the denims flexible enough to be worn for a PTA or to work).

GetWear Customized Jeans India

The GetWear Customized Jeans Experience

My denims arrived promptly, three weeks after placing the order, neatly packed and protected by multiple layers of wrapping.

The packaging was great but what lay inside was even better. These jeans are some serious wow! and that is because they solved my biggest denim problem ‘the gaping hole’. Let me explain, like most Indian women I am widest at my hips and I have a narrow waist, so no matter what brand of jeans I buy or try, if they fit on the hips the waist would always be an inch too big, so when I sit or bend this extra inch would create a gaping hole that one could see right through. Needless to say, this can lead to some uncomfortable, some embarrassing and some unsightly moments (especially with low waist jeans).

GetWear Customized Jeans India

My getwear customized jeans fit the hips well and hug the waist just right too, I could not be happier and I don’t think I am ever going back to buying those ‘one size fits all’ kind of jeans.

GetWear Customized Jeans India

If you have had similar problems with ill-fitting jeans, I would strongly recommend you give getwear customized jeans a try (just make sure you take the measurements carefully, or call getwear for help)

GetWear Customized Jeans India

I can even do yoga in these jeans, without worrying about holes, gaps and other denim issues. Freedom is what these jeans are :)

GetWear Customized Jeans India

Customized Jeans GetWear India



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