Bandra Thrift Shopping Haul

Mumbai (Bandra) Shopping And Eating

How often does it happen that we travel across town, which isn’t easier than an obstacle marathon – the traffic, the time, the pollution, the heat or cold, wailing kids at home and cranky calls from the husband, overcome all this just for a cup of over-sweet coffee with an old friend. We all need our friends don’t we?

If only we would make as much of an effort to get to know our neighbours, life would be so much easier and prettier and smoother for all involved. But like they say ‘ghar ki murgi daal barabar’, a neighbour is often considered more of a nuisance, to be kept at arms length, than a friend.

I am guilty as charged!! Mumbai has been my neighbour for years and years, but have I ever taken the time to enjoy it? No never. Have I walked down its streets and enjoyed the local street stalls selling pav bhaji? Nopes. Have I ever given the teeny tiny stores lining the streets a chance? No No. Have I ever looked beyond the litter on the beach and heard the sounds of the ocean and the waves. Oh no.

best of bandra food shopping

The Best Of Mumbai Shopping

I have visited the city a few hundred times but had never really given it a chance, I had never really experienced the city like it should be experienced. That is, until now, over my last two trips I have come to seriously, obsessively and hopelessly love Mumbai specially South of Mumbai, the architecture, the character, the lanes and the by-lanes all hold  surprises and opportunities to take gorgeous detours and lose oneself in a haze of possibilities.

best of bandra food shopping


Mumbai offers something for everyone, the foodie, the shopaholic, the historian, the bollywood buff, the beach bum, the nature lover, the city lover and even for someone like me who likes to sample a bit of everything.

My last trip to Mumbai was truly memorable and I did a little bit of a lot of things and I did just fall more in love with the city, if that is even possible!

In the video below I share my Mumbai Bandra shopping haul, giving you every tiny detail and yes there is a little bit of yummmmmy Mumbai food in there too…so watch..enjoy and fall in love with Mumbai – my awesome neighbour.

Mumbai trip with so much shopping and eating :)


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