Saree + Winter Florals

Winter Sari And Floral Shirt

The cold seems to be losing its intensity, and yet my love for the quilt and its warmth refuses die. The early riser in me has become a little lethargic and blames the early morning chill for it. I open my eyes every morning intending to jump out and get an early start, however the bed tightens its grip and refuses to let go no matter how hard I try.

I have been cursing the winter all along for so many reasons- the laziness, the craving for rich fatty food, the fact that its harder to drag myself to the gym, the lack of sunshine, the flu..I can go on. There is one, just one reason that I soften my stand on the menacing winter chill, and that is the winter wardrobe, the opportunity to play with layers, scarves and fuzzy woolens.

How to wear a saree

I have been so engrossed creating my lengthy list of winter woes that I have completely overlooked its joys. So before winter bids adieu and makes way for spring, I decided to show it some love and truly truly enjoy its end.

So this post and the next few will be all about finding reasons, small or big, to love the winter. So here is reason number one, the biggest reason to enjoy the winter, becauseeee, as the Gosho says (Buddhist scripture) “Winter always turns to spring”, yay!!

How to wear a saree

Sweater season always leads to skirt and beach enjoy this day and start preparing for summer, after all summer bodies and made in winter, so get going, seize the day :)

How to wear a saree

Saree Draping Rules

As for the winter outfit, fully clad, covered in deep winter hues and pretty florals, all that is missing is a steaming cup of coffee and a nice book. I have a weakness for saris and love immersing myself in its languid drapes every opportunity I get, so this is my take on the winter sari. The shirt replaces the sari blouse, it is draped a little differently too, there are pleats at the back and a few in the front, I started the sari on the left instead of the right, I pretty much tried to break every sari rule I could think of and whoever said breaking rules is crazy fun, is absolutely right!

How to wear a saree

How to wear a saree

Try it and let me know just how good it feels.

Photography Credit : Saurabh Botre Instagram : @blackdogfoe

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