Jeans- Finding Them, Buying Them & Wearing Them

My Customized Jeans Again

In this post, last week, I unveiled my customized jeans from, all of you appreciated the creativity behind the visuals and some of you pointed out that the jeans were not very clearly visible. You said it, I heard it, we took note, got down to work and here are the results of our hardwork.

Tadaaaaaa, unveiling my getwear customized jeans..yet again :)

GetWear Customized Jeans India

GetWear Customized Jeans India

I have pretty much been living in these jeans for the past one week, spending a lot of time together, getting acquainted with each other and the more I get to know my new jeans the more I fall in love. The jeans adjust and accommodate to not just my shape but also to my mood and every whim and fancy :) They help me transform into a biker babe one day and exude lady like elegance another, I dont think I have enjoyed wearing jeans, this much, in a long time.

GetWear Customized Jeans India

GetWear Customized Jeans India

My jeans usually have a notorious reputation of vacillating between too tight for comfort  or too unflattering for fashion, the middle ground of perfection seems to evade me in so many ways. This has been such a refreshing change and I am making the most of it while the weather Gods permit, because soon its going to get too hot for anything other than the beach and pool.

GetWear Customized Jeans India

GetWear Customized Jeans India

Shopping Tips For Buying Jeans

So while we are discussing denims, here are a few jeans buying tips that I have learnt the hard way.

1. We tend to pay close attention to how the jeans fit on the legs and butt, ignoring the waist. The waist is what holds the jeans in place, too loose and the waist will drop, ruining the overall fit, too tight and the button might pop, sometimes turning into a lethal weapon.

GetWear Customized Jeans India

2. Remember the jeans will always stretch, so make sure they are snug enough to start with.

3. Play close attention to the wash and care instructions, love your jeans and they will love you back.

GetWear Customized Jeans India

My denim dilemma is finally over and I can heave a sigh of relief!!

Buying Jeans Made Easy With Customized Jeans By

Draped Top : Koovs

Customized Jeans :

Heels :

Arm Candy : Thrift, streets of India



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