An Interview With Renowned Aromatherapist Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

Aromatherapy India : Rupal Shabnam Tyagi

She radiates beauty, she believes there is beauty in everything, she is a software engineer who found her passion in the aromatic world of essential oils, I am talking about Rupal Shabnam Tyagi. Rupal persued her passion and turned it into her profession so that she could share the benefits of her passionate profession with us.

Rupal studied Aromatherapy in London, after which she spent a few years in research to develop the best and most beneficial products under her brand “Wikka”.

Rupal Tyagi Aromatherapist India

Aromatherapy Benefits

We are fortunate today to have Rupal share some of her knowledge and answer a few of our questions, starting with…

1. From software engineering to formulating a range of aromatherapy products. How did that happen?

I was brought up with the thought that the key attribute for wellness and beauty was purity. Later married into a family of royal lineage, I was exposed to a life of regal traditions and beauty secrets known only to a select few. Beauty practices had changed little over the centuries in our household, where simple natural products ​were used​ in grooming and maintenance.

A desire to recreate the wisdom of natural treatments for beauty and common ailments stoked my interest in aromatherapy. Visits to plantations of aromatic plants run by our family deepened the interest, till I moved from being a successful software professional to becoming a certified aromatherapist. The different fragrances intrigued me and made me more curious to understand them deeply and professionally.

I joined a reputed London college to understand the nuances of fragrant healing.

Later my  company, Aryan Essentials was born out of my abiding commitment to formulating blends of essential oils that would faithfully adhere to the stringent rules of aromatherapy.

Rupal Tyagi Aromatherapist India

2. The term ‘aromatherapy’ seems a little misleading. Is it only about aromas or much more than that?

Aromatherapy is all about our sense of smell and how our mind receives it and manifests it in our physiological being.

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. Treatment involves applying these aromatic oils to the body or simply inhaling them to improve health and promote a sense of well being.

Aromatic liquid substances known as essential oils which are volatile in nature and are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees. These concentrated liquids are indispensable to medicine and to the food and cosmetic industries. At present we deal in about 300 of the essential oils which constitute an effective healing system.

Aromatherapy is not only restricted to beauty therapy, it has moved beyond and is presently used in many hospitals in all areas of care including maternity, intensive, rheumatology, rehabilitation, the elderly, psychiatry, coronary, cancer etc. It also helps people with learning disabilities.

3. While formulating the brand and its products what was it that you wished to achieve?

A strong belief in holistic healing drew me towards Aromatherapy. This form of alternate healing heals the person and not just the symptoms. Essential oils are one of the great untapped resources of the world. Here we have a system of natural health that is far more than a system of medicine that can prevent illness and alleviate symptoms.

Introducing Wikka seemed essential as the general perception about aromatherapy has always been just beauty and aroma related. Aromatherapy as a science has its own do’s and dont’s which need to be adhered to while using essential oils.  Imparting the true benefits of essential oils through our products seemed to be the only answer.

For effective therapeutic use it is important that only pure essential oils are used. it is quite pointless buying any other product, no matter how charming its aroma may be, because reconstituted products or chemical copies of natural essential oils simply do not work for healing purposes.


4.  What are some common beauty mistakes you have seen people make?

It is important to understand whether the product you are buying off the shelf is suitable for your skin type.

One must stick to the time of the day the product is recommended to be used .For example a night potion may have certain ingredients which are photosensitive and therefore  cannot to used in the day time.

Applying too much or too little product may not be a very good idea for your beauty regime.

Over scrubbing leads to exposing the delicate skin to the harsh climate and pollution and harms it further instead of benefiting it.

It is also very important to understand that our skin has a natural system to heal and balance itself too. So we should keep it product free on a regular interval. A good idea would be to remain product free after one finishes a portion or a unit of the product for about a week before one starts it again.


5. What are some beauty rituals that everyone must try and follow. Something you have seen to be extremely beneficial.

Always keep yourself well hydrated .

Wash your face with a formula that helps keep your skin at an optimum PH level.

Scrub your skin at least once a week to keep it free from dead cells and pollution.

Use a moisturiser after washing your face to lock the moisture in your skin.

Use a sun block daily even on days when the sun is not too bright.

Use a night repair blend at least 4 times a week to check any sort of skin flaws.

Rupal Tyagi Aromatherapist India

6. Congratulations! you just set up your store and aroma therapy center in Delhi. What will you have in store for us there?

Yes we just opened our doors in Delhi, a few months back.
Our store address is 
Opposite metro pillar no 127,
1st Floor, M.G. Road,
New Delhi.
Our customer care no is 9810330499
Our contact email id is .
This will be our flagship store which will be retailing our wellness products and I will be doing a personalised consultation on a prior appointment basis, where in after taking down the clients case history I will make customised aromatherapy blends for them for their betterment. These will be  Bespoke blends/products that will be made especially for them as per their skin type, their hair conditions, their problems and their case history. These blends and products will be different from on the shelf products as the ingredients and essential oils that will be used will be as per the client’s specific requirement and needs only.

7.  Wikka also has a virtual clinic, could you tell us a little about how that works?

Virtual clinic is a special feature added to our website where in people from across the country can take a personalised consultation to discuss their problem with me. They need to fill in a form so that I can analyse their requirements / problems and suggest a suitable product or make a personalised blend for them to use.

Here we encourage people to take a consultation to understand their wellness needs better and help them to zero down on a product that is most suitable for them.

Website :

8. Are the products natural and chemical free?

Yes all actives in our products are natural. All ingredients are either pure essential oils or are derived from the plant and mineral kingdom.

Aromatherapy India

My natural morning skin care routine.

Natural beauty products

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